Chrisa woke up this morning saying, "It feels like Chinese New Year just started!" but the 15 days' celebration ended last night. She went on, "I didn't feel it when it was the first day!" We rushed into the celebration - that's why she didn't feel the mood. We were not prepared in many sense. It has been a busy kick-start to 2011. Thus the whole January was on the go; one thing after another. So when the lunar new year arrived, we just jumped into the schedule of visitation. The whole chain exhausted us.

My tired body and mind kind of protested to the party initiated by my dear sister last night. The evening started slow with Ed getting the BBQ pit ready while it drizzled. "Oh no, not tonight," I whispered to heaven. I didn't know who to expect nor how many pax we were catering for as it was all Penny's effort. Friends gradually strolled in while the fire was still in the process. Soon everything just fell into place - good company and good food.

Laughter. The mark of a joyous mood.
Family and friends - and fabulous food. The reminder of God's gifts in my life.
Sparklers. A great way to rleax for our adult friends as they relived their childhood as they excitedly joined my children in lighting and playing these new year toy.

A round of group game wrapped up the night leaving young and old with joy and gladness.
Every occassion is only meaningful when we celebrate life with a tight community. The lunar new year closed well with God evidently in out midst. It is always good when God is in it:)
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