edlina & the lynns
The call was to "be still" (Ex. 14:13-14) and watch the Mighty Hand of God moved as He already issued the command for consecration. "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you." (Joshua 3:5)

"Tomorrow" is here.

We wait with anticipation as the good Lord unfolds the mystery of His doing.

As I trace the timeline of our journey, my heart is grateful for the year 2007. The call to be the modern "Joshuas" has a price to pay. It is His governing Presence that compelled us to move out from our position and followed the way that has never been walked before (Joshua 3:3-4). Armed with ambivalence, we crossed the year 2007 from 2006 full with uncertainties. Excitement married with anxiety, we only have the loving Father's Hands to hold and His promises to cling on. I scribbled on a little piece of paper as I run through the plans of 2007 and showed Ed. He glanced through and nodded in agreement what we hoped to accomplish. Yet we know it needed miraculous intervention of the Father. It did seem a long year ahead with so much planned and nothing to depend. Or at least within the limitation of the human mind.

It was a year of rest from the field and eat from our field of faith. We had to constantly and deliberately shut our ears from the voice of the world that injected doubt. Instead we had to discipline and proclaim the Father's promises to feed our faith. I thanked Him for giving me a man who was willing to walk this journey knowing that it was not going to be easy as a driven person and the sole breadwinner - to watch the year go by and supposedly rest, trusting divine provision every moment. It wasn't even daily but every moment. That spells "HUMILITY".

Those who fear the Lord lack nothing; in fact, lacks no good thing (Ps.34:9-10). What an assurance! The reality - the path is narrow. It is never meant to be easy but is purposed to quicken our spirit and awaken His grace. Some days were filled with interesting surprises. Others seemed hopeless and empty. It is never always easy to understand His doing and timing. Yet the Lord is our hope when we awoke in the morning and He is our song at night. There were tears of anxiety in the waiting but also tears of joy in overcoming.

The year passed quicker than we thought. Almost all the plans scribbled on the tiny piece of paper in the beginning of the year were endorsed and accomplished divinely. Together with the children we gathered on our bed an hour prior we bidded goodbye to 2007, we gave thanks to God who made it possible for us. Each of us shared some of the best happenings - the people, places, programmes, plans, protection, and above all else His Provision and Peace. Smiles, giggles and laughter filled the air as we talked and recalled the great times of the year. Woah! We realized we've done so much as a family. Experienced new things together. Entered a new horizon of faith.

The biblical Joshua and the Israelites laid 12 stones taken from the middle of Jordan when God parted the waters so they could cross on dry land. The 12 stones served as a memorial for them. This year we saw the miraculous act of our "sea" being parted too. Memories were created and cherished. A "monument" erected in our hearts and will be a memorial for the coming days. We echo the commitment of Joshua, "...as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)