I thought it only happened in the movie. Perhaps not just movie, they are real. I read about them in the news. Hear of them in distant manner. The brutality of humankind towards another human - children. Child abuse. For a long time the society is fighting against this amongst other rights. Children - these little people...they have rights. They have the rights to live - to breathe like any other, to love and be loved. To know life is beautiful. To know the beauty of being known by his Creator. To know his destiny.

Oh, today my heart aches and cries out for mercy. Other times I did too. That's why reading the news is traumatic to me. But today - this happened in my a relative. News reached my ears. A typical stepfather beating up the helpless child.

He sat on the road, curled up.
Shaking in pain and bruises all over.
Worn out.

Today this child lies in the hospital.
Case taken up by authority.

The wounds on his body is treated by the medical staff. The pain will be eased by some analgesics. I wonder how his heart is. There will be no medicine to help. No one at this moment to whisper love. I closed my eyes and prayed as my tears dropped. I see angels flapping their wings and guarding his bed. Surely the Father of all creation sees and knows. He still cares. He still loves. Jesus said, "It is finished."

I prayed this little boy will know Jesus settled for him on the Cross.
I prayed tonight he feels a touch from heaven.
Tomorrow is a brand new day. I prayed though the wounds may not be healed instantly but a hope will arise within his heart and spirit. I prayed he will forgive. He may not truly know how but may God erase this agonizing dark moment of his life in his spirit and let him learn to love.

In a little while, I will bring him the good news if he understands. Otherwise may my gestures bring a touch of love in some ways. Pray with me as we love every child, for Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."
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