edlina & the lynns
Ten days in Sydney… from the moment we left Melbourne till the time we left Sydney airport, was another adventure. The Father’s arrangement cannot be any better. All our needs were met in the most timely and precise manner.
First there was our accommodation that we mentioned in our earlier posting. Bro. Hun Por was God sent to provide accommodation for us. Then there was the issue of getting from the airport to his home. As there was five of us in the family, there was no way we could take a regular cab. And to make things a little worse, we were scheduled to arrive late in the night in Sydney thus the transportation will cost us a bomb. Well, once again God proved himself faithful in planning and orchestrating thing out for us. As it turned out, Bro. Hun Por was scheduled to be in Melbourne the very day that we were leaving. So, we managed to meet Hun Por in Melbourne the morning we were leaving to collect the keys to his car which he left at the Sydney airport for us. And so upon arriving in Sydney, we had a car to ourselves which we drove to his home. Amazing!
Hillsong Conference was the highlight of Sydney. Though the days were tiring, yet it was very refreshing and empowering in the spirit. The kids enjoyed thoroughly at Kidsong except Chrisa who refused to attend her classes. She remained with us in the main arena yet she was absorbing the sermons too. It is really thrilling to hear her talking about what was being preached. That was good enough to encourage our hearts as parents. We had thought it would be boring for her but it turned out that she enjoyed herself.
The remaining 4 days after Hillsong were rest days after a very draining week especially for the kids. They had been following the tight schedule, running after buses and trains….and walking. Went round the city a bit with Melody and Tabby, and visited the Wildlife Park which was quite a disappointment as the kids had expected to view the koalas and hopefully cuddle them. Turned out the place was dark and we could hardly see them. We also spent some very precious time catching up with Hun Por and his lovely fiancĂ©e, Soo Wei. The kids connected with them very fast and easily in that brief stay. Hillsong Conference also provided an opportunity to catch up with Pr Palan and family. Kids were delighted to have Natasha in the conference too.

Preparing to return…involved some anxiety. We hadn’t sorted out how we were going to the airport. We know deep in our hearts that God would not fail us. After all, He had seen us through so much and now it was the last lap. Held on to His promises, we claimed His blessings daily even before we saw any tangible results of our prayers. Minutes before we called the cab for our trip to the airport to head home (which would again cost a bomb), our seminary lecturer Dr Dominque Koo called and volunteered to fetch us. PTL! Even to the last minute God answered the very need of help. And the plus point was also he had a 7-seater with a baby seat. So, no worries of luggage space and all. Then at the transit in Singapore, we were treated with warm hospitality by my former classmate Mei Ying and family. She also has 3 lovely girls – almost same age with ours.

On the emotional and spiritual note, we also had to prepare for some adjustment. Though we looked forward to see our parents, siblings and friends back home, we also felt heavy hearted to leave because the Lord had granted us rest in the land of Australia and performed miracles. However much we longed to prolong the stay, we knew we had to go home. The burden and the call is still to our homeland. This passage will be one that will be talked about much in the future as the “altar” – the place we laid down our limitation and allowed God to perform the supernatural. We brought back much in the spirit and heart; and will be our reserve in the coming days, months and years – to cherish, strengthen, and passed down to the generations. The God we serve is a Faithful and Amazing God. He always makes a way when there’s no way.

We learnt a precious and important lesson – when we move our feet, He moves his hand! That is FAITH. It is also spelled O.B.E.D.I.E.N.C.E.