edlina & the lynns
Merdeka Day is here again.
The noise of celebration begins...
Jalur Gemilang berkibar...

As a nation we have our ups and downs.
The political scene never interest me but can I ignore totally and be indifferent, I sometimes ponder...
I was born and bred in this beautiful rich land. At a glance, it's easy to overlook the true beauty of this nation especially for people who have lived here too long and taken for granted the blessings upon this land. As I mature through the years, my eyes are open to the splendour of Malaysia - a land of great potentials.

How many talk about change? Yet refuses to be a part of it. While the migration rate is increasing, my eyes look further in and deeper to this nation.
I see opportunities.
I see a generation rising up to rebuild the country.
I see great things coming...

I bless Malaysia, tanahair ku!
Biarlah Cahaya menyinari Mu, sekarang and selamanya.
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edlina & the lynns
The feminine and masculine Ash were my May babies.

This month, I pondered on God's faithfulness for my family as I celebrated another new year for my August babies. It is always so delightful to watch the children grow yet it always the case too for a mum to sometimes wish they don't grow too fast :) so that she can savour every wondrous moment before they leave the nest.

Nat was born a 29 weeker, hospitalized for the first 56 days of her life...
from a helpless babe to a miraculous ten!

Nathalynn - the Beautiful Gift of God

Chrisa almost came premature too at 34 weeks... but she's always full of surprises. When all of us expected her arrival (even the doctor), she decided to wait a lil' longer...so she came right on time at exactly 36 weeks making her a term baby....though still 4 more weeks to the full gestation. Right from the beginning, she's always delighting us with her smiles and wittiness...life is never dull with Chrisa. She never fails to invite you into her creative world. Last year was all geared up being a soldier. This year, she's the ninja on a secret mission :) Oh, my baby is 6!

Chrisalynn - the Anointed Beauty

The Lord fills the home with rare and beautiful treasures.
(Proverbs 24:3)

edlina & the lynns
It has been a long silence from blogging. And break from a lot of things.
Every part of me has been stretched. Thankfully, not snapped.
How much am I willing to be stretched?
My own husband preached on this - the stretching...liken to a rubberband...reaching our optimum potential.

The last two months (almost), the pain and suffering from muscular spasm of my upper back has taken me into dark tunnel and kept me wondering when will I see the light again...but it is His everlasting Word that kept me going. Many years ago, a friend told me - at the end of every dark tunnel, there is the light. I know I will soon see it if I keep walking. T.D.Jakes in his book, Reposition - Living Life Without Limits confirmed my own thoughts of turning my misery into ministry. The times I rested in bed and battling the pain and a distressed spirit, I lifted my eyes to heaven and thought, "There must be surely more than this!" A whole series of thoughts and emotions ran through me all these weeks - it has been a very FULL though dreadful journey. I know this experience is never going to be wasted. My spiritual journal is packed with precious gems - awaiting to be unfold as opportunity comes. Filled with divine promises. I will watch the Word become alive - for the mouth of the Lord has spoken (Isaiah 58:14).

I am still on the road to total recovery...I will take heart and be strong, for His grace is sufficient for me, for my power is made perfect in weakness...for when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor. 12:9-10).