The month of May is voted the Most Rejoicing Month in the family. There's 3 birthdays, Mother's Day, and a Wedding Anniversary.

She said I always say the same thing every 31 May...that my mum refused to be a granny (seems so old to have that title) many years ago, but now she enjoys her grandchildren and has been Ah Ma for eleven years already! How Ashlynn has marvellously grown!! She is 11 today.

Birthday breakfast (choc chips with kiwi fruit pancake) from Chrisa & Nat & Mum

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our gorgeous gal!!!

Every birthday is a reminder of God's precious gift of life in the family.

(Read Marvellously Made in Gems)


Pitter, patter...the rain is here...

Ashton listening to the rhythm under the umbrella...

The dance begun...

(read The Song of Heaven in Gems)

It was very late at night when we came home recently. Our eyes caught an unusually beautiful sight of the road right where our house is...a very brightly covered pathway as our vehicle light shone against the road. It was entirely draped with fallen yellow flowers (which I don't even remember the name - *so embarassed*). This is the first time after staying in this neighbourhood for 12 years we've seen such beautiful scenery. The whole road - length and width was gloriously covered in yellow. Too bad couldn't capture the night scene.

The tampered road in the day time after washed by busy zooming vehicles.

Chrisa enjoying the flowers at the sidewalk

Thrilled by the simple wonder of God's art work.

Ashton in touch with nature - the most natural and absolutely interesting learning experience.

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who lived in it...
(Psalm 24:1)

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Who says bible study is boring? We tried different methods as the children grow.
With time constraint now, we try to keep it simple. The girls always look forward to - digging into God's Word.

Here's one very special moment for Mum & Daughters as we squeezed time to worship, pray, eat and have fun in the presence of God...
Always be happy. Never stop praying. Give thanks whatever happens. This is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thes.5:16-18)

Reliving my childhood :)
The Queen of the Land of Joy had a royal banquet with the princesses of faraway land. Meet the princesses...

Princess Charlotte of Spain

Princess Nellie of Netherlands

Princess Aranea of Norway

Our royal food...
yummy Betty Crocker's mashed potato, Arthur's Organic Pasta & Cheese, Eggs with mixed veges...washed down with grape juice (or was it Ribena that we used? :)

Instead of Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary Murray (a book gift from Aunty Christina to Nat), we decided to adopt a similar idea but a grander we really dress up :)

Girls just wanna have fun - and we did! Wholesome fun in the Lord.

(Note of thanks to Christina for the book. Very simple but gives/sparks ideas and allow us to share our hearts. Also, for me to add in personal touch in writings for each of the girls. I know this is for Nat but she agreed to let us all discuss the book together. She's always so kind.)

In case you are looking for the Queen's pic...erm...she was also the camera woman :) but yes, she was grandiously dressed up too.


"I'm sick of my baby biscuits."

"Gimme one of yours...cream crackers. Now you see it..."

Now you don't! Umm.

Ashton is exploring new taste and texture in food. Been grabbing food from our platters and refusing his own!

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Dinner was late, but it was worth the wait...
classic fish & chips done by the Man of the house.
The girls made sure Daddy cook tonight. Yummylicious!!!

And guess what? Next Thur will be another guy's turn...Joerel, our foster son from KK, Sabah. We are looking forward to it...
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Everyday Chrisa bounces off endless mental output from her little mind...which isn't actually little at all since she amazes us with an assortment of mind-boggling input as well as many which require intelligent responses. They all come in various forms - questions, riddles, silly songs, funny rhymes, witty remarks and etc. Not to mention some serious theological questions.

I can't get this one out of my mind since yesterday...
If anyone can give her a satisfying answer, I will give you a good treat the next time I see you...

Q: Why do people say, " You get on my nerve...and get on my brain or vein??"
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Thought I wanted for a change to bake my own baby's birthday cake instead of grabbing one from the bakery which is stuffed with sugar!!! And they don't eat it anyway since I don't want my babies to have sweet tooth. The past three kids have nice purchased cakes. This time I wanted to be adventurous in the kitchen though baking is not particularly my cup of tea. My little helpers having picked up some good nutritional values, were always keeping watch for me in regards to their little brother's diet. So I can't "cheat" this time even if its his birthday cake. So I browsed through some baby cakes' recipes.

Result: I decided on a simple sugarless banana cake. Since I had spreadable ricotta cheese, I used that as my topping instead of whipping up my own frosting. That's easy. Chrisa sprinkled some choco & coloured rice to create the alphabet "A" for Ashton. Tadaa! We were so proud of ourselves.

For the first time, I had to apologize to the family for the healthy treat since I didn't think anyone expected a sugarless cake :) Guess it must be a good choice for the grannies too and caught those who have sweet tooth in surprise...haha...

The funny thing was the birthday boy never rejects any food I offered him...and for this, he just wouldn't open his mouth even to taste! After all the effort...

It was as though he just knew the trick when he was supposed to have a treat!!

Time flies - the year zoomed by so quickly.....

(extremely excited after the birthday song)

Father & Son Moment

The Blessed Family

Unless the Lord builds his house, its builders labour in vain...

...Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of the warrior
are sons born in one's youth.
Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.
(Psalm 127:1; 4-5)

Throughout the years of growing up, I've thought of Mother's Day as an important day to especially honour my mummy. As simple as she may be, I would not be here today without her. That's for sure. Her deep love touched me in ways unspeakable. She has her shortcomings but her sacrificial love overshadows all her flaws.

All of us have to come into this world through the womb of our mums. In this chaotic world, there are many abandoned children. I don't want to take for granted what mum had and still is doing for me even now I am a mother myself. How true it is that one will appreciate her mum even more when she becomes one too :) Nothing beats life's experience itself. Here I am in my own journey of motherhood - loving, living and definitely still learning. Despite my own limitations, I know my children still love me lots. What a privilige to stand on both sides to experience to be a mother and being mothered.

To all the lovely is said MOM spelled upside down is WOW!
Happy Mother's Day! May God grant you his portion to continue to nurture.
Of all places, I landed up in the children's hospital yesterday. Ashton was admitted. His throat ulcers bothered him to the extent no food/drinks could be consumed. Drip was the last resort to keep him hydrated. As much as I dreaded this measure, I know he needed it after seeing him in much distress.

God has his way of turning every circumstance for the good of his children. Ashton got the rest he needed in the quiet room and my anxiety of his poor input/output taken care of with the drip. The much needed break I cried for the past weeks was being fulfilled in this place :) As I watched my baby settled calmly, my heart was eased into a peaceful state. The rest of the evening and night was my time alone with God. Such tangible gentle presence of God rested on me as I enjoyed this holy moment.

In every human heart only God can fill the void. I am surrounded by love - loving man, loving kids, loving extended family, loving friends yet there's a certain space within which only He can fill and fill it totally.
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