Here's wishing all our dear Chinese relatives and friends...

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 3:13-14)

May this Lunar New Year brings you forward to experience Him in greater fullness and we pray your eyes will set on the Cross and not the Ox; for the Lord is the God of a hopeful future (Jeremiah 29:11).

We wish you an abundance year in the Lord and find His favour in this uncertain times.

Blessings from edlina's nest.

Another fun moment in Dec 2008...

Going to Cameron Highlands has become an annual tradition for the past few years since we have been taking camps in this cool highland. Apart from Penang, this is the most familiar ground for my children. Through the many visits, we became good friends with the strawberry farm owner, and garderners of a rose garden which doesn't only grow roses but a wide variety of flowers and raspberries; and even harvest pure wild honey. These are two definite places of visit for us...

Ooh la la.....enjoying juicy strawberries from Uncle Raju's.

Recapturing some busy, but fun moments of Dec 2008.....

The last quarter of 2008.....Ash and Nat passed an audition for a dance project by Anak-Anak Kota (under the Ombak-Ombak Art Studio). They diligently undergone 6 hours of training in the weekends under the abled dance teacher, Aida Redza. More intensive training during the school holidays.

The girls really enjoyed themselves thoroughly working on their creative pieces and exploring contemporary dance in different ways. Not to mention making new friends who share the same passion and interesting way of discovering the history of the city.

Final showcase took them to the streets; first at Campbell Street Market where the history of the market was unfolded and how as youngsters they would like to preserve it. The rerun was held in Little Penang Street Market which attracted a larger and more responsive crowd.

The youth musical "gamelan" team provided an authentic Malaysian rhythm in the background while the younger ones enhanced the drama with dance and movement. The two main characters brought forth the oracles in authentic mixture of Penang dialects seasoned with Malay "bahasa pasar".

The street performances were covered by the journalists. Here's an interview with two young dancers, Ashlynn and Maya by Eduweb.

Syabas!! Was a superb performance by the Penang kia (kids).
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I was so tired yesterday and Ashton clung on to me. I made many promises to my girls but was simply impossible to get pass the bed with Ashton. The craft work and reading which I was supposed to do with them...oh well, they did all by themselves.

I pulled myself out of bed feeling lethargic and thought, "Oh dear, I've got to get dinner going." To my surprise, I caught my girls in action - in the kitchen! They shooed me off and commanded me to stay off. Dinner would be served soon. They busied themselves as I sat in the living room waiting with my tummy growling in hunger. But it was a sweet feeling coming all over me. Instead of serving them, I would be served :)

There was a bit of squabbling in the kitchen but everything was in control. Soon they proudly set the table and served pasta, mushroom soup and vegetable salad; and apples glazed with honey. And noodles for me since we were short of pasta! Ashlynn exclaimed as we sat down, "Mum, we can survive without you" with a positive note in her voice as this means I can go off for a break and leave them home alone. She was reinforcing to me AGAIN..."not to worry!"

I looked at them and thought, "Wow, they are really growing up!"

One of the fun things we do in our family...guess who this is?

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Lunch was fun as the Lynns worked on their creation of mashed potatoes and greens.

Each of them had a story to tell.....'s Chrisa's two ducklings swimming...surrounded by a slide and greenery.

Presenting the complete platters.

Was a hard time eating as they looked on their hard work :)

I've been enjoying writing the gems' devotional. Every time I put those thoughts down, I am ministered by God myself. Though life always has neverending challenges, my heart can't deny there's a Supreme Being in control. I wish I can write more often but I guess for now once a week is good enough. Give me ample time to savour my own thoughts and allow one scripture or two to really invade my inner self and speak loud and clear. It's wonderful too to see how my own girls are benefiting from a simple write-up. Probably these are very personal accounts so they can identify full well. Hence, the scriptures become alive to them even at this tender age.

What had springboard from this simple act of obedience is the Lynns decided to use these gems for our weekly mother-daughters' bible study. There's so much to talk about and I really enjoy such moments. Simply priceless. Inspiration sparked off as we discussed some questions pertaining to the topic. Check out Ashlynn's Discoveries for one creative result. Perhaps I should formulate some questions to be included in the blog too for those who wish to reflect deeper.

For those who have been visiting Gems, THANK YOU for taking time to read and be patient with me as I continue to work on improving as time permits. Let us not give up encouraging each Hebrews 10:24-25 command.
A new year begins.....there are many things I need to do, and want to do. Amongst the many things, I have an offering to bring to God.....

Announcing my new blog ; a devotional write-up which I aim to do weekly at this moment with the ultimate goal of daily articles.

Lovingly dedicated to my gorgeous daughters, Ashlynn and Nathalynn and many special women in my life; and all of you who have been faithfully dropping by our blog. It is my desire and prayer you will pick up a gem or two from heaven as you take time to read.

Be blessed!
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edlina & the lynns
It's almost 4 am and I should be sleeping soundly. Instead I am feeling more alert now than few hours earlier. We just crossed over to a brand new year. The church family in Gateway City Church had the very first watchnight service. I would say this is the best for me. Simply it is a much smaller setting and naturally warmer. Plus to beat the norm we presented creative offerings to the Lord.

As we reflected on the year gone by.....we testified God's goodness and faithfulness through songs, dance, media presentations. Some gave the classic oral testimonies. Others rendered their offerings through the splendid spread of supper! It warmed my heart to see each one's creativity and the simplicity of bringing before the Beloved Father our humble offerings. I am sure it put a smile on His face knowing that they flowed from His children's eager hearts.

Pr. Ed preached a mountain-moving message. To have bold faith and enter a new year with great belief and courage in asking God. What a hopeful new year! It is a year of Possibilities!