Been surrounded by children 24/7...ahem, what happens?

I am not sure about other mums, but I look forward to bedtime where I tuck them in after a long hard day, kissed them goodnight after prayers...watched them slip into dreamland and savour the moments of looking at their sweet faces as they lie in bed. Oh, not to mention the quietness of the atmosphere after noise pollution the entire day.

Tonight as with many nights, getting through the night routine itself is a great effort. Cleaning and changing, bedtime stories, bible reading and prayers...before I get to sit down to enjoy some quiet moments to keep my sanity. Many times I slipped into dreamland with them too:)

My plan didn't work out tonight and threw me off balance for a moment. I was desperate for help and quickly shot a prayer to God. Little did I know He was going to turn my tears into triumph. The night ended with a sweet note...

spent some moments alone with each child...

an hour plus with one who needed to talk more...PTL!!!
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