When I wonder why...

  • other mums are paid for what they do while I slog my days out at home without a cent
  • other mums are sipping tea during break time while I gulped down my drink so I can continue another story after the umpteenth book...break? what is "break"?
  • other mums are doing the norms of life while I seem to fall into this "weird" category as one of my weird friend call ourselves
  • I could had been so and so in my profession but I am just a mum - a homeschool mum who have endless things in my mind, constantly shifting gear to meet the needs of little humans (from toddler to elementary to tween to teen) in my care, having a series of unaccounted actions of responsibilities which saps every ounce of my energy in every aspect...and at the end of the day left me totally spent!

But today, like some good days it makes me smile and I wonder why would any woman trade her place at home imparting into lives and impacting the land through these little humans who are so incredibly potential-packed...just awaiting for the pivotal moment to cause a positive explosion. The interruption and inconvenience of the day of my faulty car turned into a mind storming, joy bubbling cherished moment instead of fretting and whining while waiting for the mechanic to come to our rescue on the highway.

I wonder why not...since these little humans are living, learning and Ash's and Nat's posts.
edlina & the lynns
The long months of silence in this blog speaks volume of the lack of time on my end...yikes! I hate that excuse. But that's a fact. Yes, we are all given equal share of 24 hours a day and it is amazing how every second ticks off so quickly and before we all know it, we step into a new year.

Here I am looking back at 2010 with no regrets despite many trials and difficulties. God's sovereignty reigns. Now facing 2011 with much excitement and anticipation I know I cannot do anything apart from being rooted in God. The discovery journey into the heart of God continues...I seek to "see the king in his beauty" (Isaiah 33:17).