edlina & the lynns
All that we had planned the beginning of the year, the Lord has gone before us to prepare and endorsed. Everything thus far is on schedule as planned. We are still overwhelmed by His creative wisdom.

What a luxury this moment is to a homeschooling mum! I am sitting in a bus and blogging….heading for Singapore. Had an invitation to attend the 3rd Gateway Cities Youth Convention by Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC). Isn’t it interesting too that Penang is a VERY important city in our time?
This is another opportunity to network for Asia region and cover the cities in prayers. We are excited to be part of this event as we recognized the crucial time we are living in. I remember two years ago at the first convention, how my tears flowed for my homeland as I stood in the presence of God. Preparing our hearts to be connected…

Two hours ago, at the bus station, the kids wouldn’t let us go as this will be a long week for them. Six days without mummy is loooooong. No doubt it is a good break from kids but a mum is a mum…..it is hard to leave the kids and especially with all the tears as departure gift. The separation is always hard. As I sit here in the bus past midnight, thinking of my lil’ darlings, I thank God for children - and also for my parents. They are ever willing to babysit and do it with the greatest care. Mum used to say, “Life is never the same when one have their own kids.” The last 9 years had taught me so much. I entered a school that has no graduation and no degrees. It is called the School of Motherhood. Just this morning I thought about what I would be doing daily if I am childless. Nine years – I would have finished my degree, done my masters and pursuing my doctorate. Yet I asked myself if it is worth it for the exchange of 3 beautiful princesses? Of course, the answer is an absolute YES! I would be crazy to think otherwise. In my hands are being entrusted great responsibilities. But it is a divine exchange - joy and fulfillment. Love, oh yes, they adore their mummy. I wake up to be hugged and kissed. I retire at night to see the peace of their innocent faces soundly asleep. In a world of materialism and fights of equality of gender, I stay contented to know my design of womanhood is to fulfill my call as a helpmeet and a mother. Right beside me now is the man I married a decade ago. I cannot think and thank God for the kids without giving thanks for their father – a man of vision and passion; the making of a legend. He is the ever stern-faced leader but to his kids, he is their hero. They think he is smart, handsome and very “can”.

That reminds me of how I view my Heavenly Father. How much do I adore Him? He is my everything.
edlina & the lynns
The long silence before we resumed writing is the evidence of our busyness since we landed home. Unbelievable. So many things and people to attend to. No wonder we had to get away and we realized how VITAL it is to observe sabbatical.

Our house is still in a mess as our bathrooms just went through a total make-over. Oh, another testimony of God's provision. For umpteen years, we've been bearing with filthy water coming through our old piping. Everyday water needed to be flushed a long while before consumption. Bathrooms leaking. Out of 3 bathrooms in the house, only 1 is functioning. Money has always been an issue as other monthly commitments has to take priority. Did God hear our pleas? Indeed, He always hears. While away in Australia, the leakage seeped into our neighbour's, so we had to move by faith and boldly ask for a heavenly transaction. Not that we never asked, but this whole year is a lesson of working out the faith; and seeing His hand moves when we move by faith. The work is done. The bill's been paid. Hallelujah!
edlina & the lynns
Over the last month, we had celebrated 4 birthdays! Had a nice karaoke/buffet to remember dad's (Selina's) birthday 2 days after we landed. Dad has always love the company of family and he loves to sing. So he waited for us to be home to do this.....especially his precious grandkids. We thank our Heavenly Father for our earthly father and grandfather. What a display of God's love and generosity this man possesses! Then a week later, was Penny's.....food...and more food. Chrisa insisted we go singing again for the celebration :) Oh, how she loves to sing and dance. Penny, my one and only sister, kids' one and only Ee Ee (means 'aunt' in Hokkien; not "yikes").....and Ed's favorite target to "bully" :)p We praise God for this young lady whom we have seen how God transformed her life and still doing more.....and she's the happiest lady now with her nieces back and pouncing on her. Nat turned 8 this month. She wanted a party so much but we agreed this year "no party". But that doesn't mean no remembering of the special days and special people. She was delighted to swooshed round on the rollerblades at the relatively new attraction in town - inline skating rink in Queensbay Mall. She had a swell time. Catch the cool Nat in the rollerblades! Nathalynn means the Beautiful Gift of God. Everything about her is beautiful. Her birth was in His beautiful time...every birthday of hers remind us of God's ever faithfulness. I found out I was pregnant after my mum-in-law's funeral. The mourning has to be turned into joy. God took one dear one away from the family and He immediately gave another. She was born a 29 weeker and stayed in the hospital for 59 days, condition worsened due to infection at 23 days' old and the paediatrician told us "50/50" chance. Today she is the most active and agile in the family. She is a blooming "dancing lady".
Yesterday, Chrisa turned 4. Don't ever call her "cute" or "small girl". She is offended :) that are babyish to her. She beams with joy when people calls her "young lady". She is the most privileged. Koo Koo (uncle in Hokkien) made a choc cheese cake for her. His debut in cake making. Was yummy. We were so touched by his love for the lil' one. Have you heard of Kenny making a cake?! I haven't. As his sister over the last 30 over years...woah, syabas...adikku! All so proud of him to spend the time and effort messing my mum's kitchen...hahaha. As for Chrisa, she just loved opening gifts upon gifts no matter what they were - she is easily satisfied. Amongst her fave were her all time favourite treats - baby carrots and corn! Oh, she's quite a healthy 4 year-old. These are her munchies. She devoured her carrots this morning...even used them as "candles" on her cake! That's why she also calls herself "funny bunny"....but she decided she didn't want that name anymore. Must be babyish :) Oh, she is simply adorable. The night ended with mummy reading to her - her birth story and she gave a contented and loving smile before she closed her eyes and slept.
Birthdays. What's the big deal? It is the celebration of life. A reminder of our time. A heavenly gift. The great potential embedded in the life, marking history and part of God's symphony.
edlina & the lynns
It feels like we woke up from a really sweet dream.....but it is a REALITY. Our trip to Australia for 70 days was an incredible testimony of God's act and favour. What else can we say but unceasing thankfulness to the Wonderful Father who always take seriously the needs and delights of His children. A crucial faith lesson. Taken to "a whole nother level"...a famous saying of Pr Ed Young.

Time away has been beyond words. The writings are just glimpses of the great experiences. Deep meanings are written in the hearts. Faith impressed deeply in the spirit cannot be expressed fully with mere words. It needs to be lived out and bear the evidence of God's power.

Well, returning to Penang was quite an adjustment although it was only a short period away. The weather! Oh, that is one major one - all the girls are still screaming "hot, hot"....and dreaming of the cool atmosphere and missing the enjoyment of running in the park at 12 noon! I asked Chrisa, "Do you miss Melbourne?" Without hesitation, she responded, "Of course!" Kids are thinking how nice if they could stay to witness the blooming buds of spring. We are praying for another cycle when we take our next sabbatical - kids will witness the colorful change.

Indeed sabbatical was made for man. R.E.S.T. - Rejoice, Enjoy, Sing, Trust in the Lord.