The floorball heat is on, burning in my home where everybody - husband, daughters, siblings are active players and highly potential player, Ashton who owns his first stick now :)

The Penang Division 2 League kicked off this morning at Balik Pulau Stadium with a majority of new faces making their debut. Young fresh faces and passion that set the atmosphere with a new scent of floorball. Three all girls' team also make their way for the first time in court - all exuding the enthuasiasm of a good spirit. Bravo, girls!

Flashback: I hurried to put my two preschoolers to nap during siesta in Youth Camp 2002 @ Chefoo School, Cameron Highlands. All the youth were getting ready for a new sport. Ed returned from a sports conference in Hong Kong with a new vision and brought a brand new game, floorball back to be introduced. I rushed down to the scene of excitement to find that it was "game over". The putting the two lil' ones to nap took longer that I thought. I was stung with disappointment. I didn't get to try out after all the hoo haa.

God always has his way. His way is higher than my way. Always. I found out I was conceived with a new baby when we returned from camp. He spared me from all the falls and injuries which all these first timers suffered.

The rest was history. The vision and passion of floorball birthed in this man has taken the sports to state level and linking up to others who together grew the national level in a tangible way. Now he sits in the Asia-Pacific Floorball Development Committee.

Today I stood at the balcony of the stadium cheering my hearts out as I watched my two young teens (then were the preschoolers whom I had to put to nap) run and manoeuvred the ball with such great sporting spirit. I also watched with great delight the big pool of youngsters who fought fearlessly for the win. At the cheering end, my two lil' ones now, Ashton and Chrisa were also running around with their own sticks and having a go. High chances one day they will make their way into court too :) And me...hmm, despite all the encouragement to get on court for training, I definitely have no time for such intensive training, I shall remain as a great supporter - I watch and pray.

Nine years in the Penang scene, I am reminded of the impossible dream of a strong and courageous Dreamer. He stood at a new church plant overlooking a vast field almost two decades ago and told a young teenager boy, "I want to build a stadium for sports ministry." I've heard this so many times, and often laughed at him, "This is an impossible dream."

Today I am married to the Dreamer who is ever dreaming big and bigger dreams. I must applaud his determination and strategic mind. The biggest inspiration is how he handles every challenge and hiccup in this journey. I've watched him ploughed the land and planted the seed. He watered, watched as the seedling sprouted. He weeds and continue to grow it. It is a tedious task but he endures. Yes, I am proud of him and more so, proud of the Source of this vision and passion. He always chooses the right person.

For all the gungho floorballers, keep the vision! Fuel the passion!

The song of my heart the last couple of weeks...also asking the Father to sing over me again and again....

A song of freedom is on my lips
Today, today
I sing about the One I love

Today, today

All I can see is Your mercy
All I can feel is Your grace

Your love is so wonderful
Let all the people sing that
Our God reigns above all

by Hillsongs 2003

If you've missed my post The Songs of Life in Gems, let me ask you what song are you singing in your heart? If you find it hard to sing at present, what else do you want the Father to sing over you today?? Do share your songs in the Comment.

A child enters your home and makes so much noise for twenty years you can hardly stand it - then departs, leaving the house so silent you think you will go mad. - J.A. Holmes

My house was insanely noisy and I wished there was a moment of silence to keep my sanity, when my eye caught the saying above which was printed on the calendar of Focus on the Family. I instantly smiled to myself and felt so blessed that the home is so full - full of life! So I'd better enjoy the temporal mess and chaos for this season and not regret a single moment of it later :)


Thought-provoking: (above) Dancer-choreographer Aida Redza (with blindfold) performing "Stop it Now"- a dance against sexual crimes, with the children at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang (featured in The Star, 28/2/11)

‘Stop Sexual Crimes Against Children’ now - the message was amplified with a creative move by the children. The campaign was championed by the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce's Young Entrepreneur Section.

Dance has always been a big part of our lives especially for Ash and Nat. This is part of our contribution to the society using the gift of dance - urging for a safer world to live in. Hear the voice of the children through arts!