edlina & the lynns
Finally, after many years...we made it to East Malaysia...the Land Below the Wind.

Kids on board the Doulos docked at Kota Kinabalu which was her last trip to Malaysia. The ship will retire next year after sailing a century.

At Lok Kawi Wildlife Park...with new friends, Hee Mang's kids, Abigail and Aaron.

The elephant's ride to wrap up the trip for the kids.

The youngest floorballer in action. Chrisa impressed the crowd with her enthusiasm and cute lil' stick during the community kids' demo. The demo attracted about 30-40 kids from the community. The adults clinic were equally fruitful too. Floorball promotion was the main purpose we flew to Sabah. The response was good and now we have Sabah blazing the trail in floorball in the east.

Day out at Melinsung Beach. Water and sand is never rejected by kids :)
Mudballs throw...daddy and the girls' normal beach game.

Indeed Sabah is very hot! I slept A LOT and didn't do quite well with food as my morning sickness took over. Besides that, surely it was terrific time promoting floorball, networking, and new friends. And of course, beach for the kids! Boat ride, snorkeling...fun, fun, fun in the sun. Chrisa had sunburnt marks all over imprinted with nice pattern of her swimsuit.
edlina & the lynns
A chain of prophetic declarations over the many weeks had caused me to seek out the truth...

Finally, two days before leaving for Sabah, I found out...it's POSITIVE. My urine pregnancy test is positive. The Lord has blessed us with another offspring. The fourth in our troop.

It all began with Nat. One evening I stepped out from the bathroom and Nat stared at me. After I made myself comfortable on the bed, she came over and rubbed my abdomen and said, "Mum, I thought I saw you pregnant." She told me she really saw me with a protruded abdomen just a while ago. Hmm, I had thought it must be time for some weight loss programme :) or my girl must be "seeing things".

Two nights in a row after that week, I had dreams of being pregnant. Perhaps Nat saw a vision.

The following weeks, on a Sunday in church, the aircon was so cold that Ash had to hug me during worship. After service, she whispered to me, "Mum, I felt as though I am hugging a pregnant woman." I smiled at her and replied, "Oh, really?"

One night during our bedtime routine, we were snuggled up in bed for stories and prayer... Chrisa laid on my tummy and rolled over. She quickly got up and patted on my tummy, "Sorry, baby." We were so tickled at her spontaneuos response. How did she know there's one inside?!

Two days before we left for Sabah, Ed woke up telling me he dreamt of me being pregnant. Ok, time to check it out. Each of us in the family had some form of revelation. The curiosity was too much - I must seek the truth. And the fact is - yes, I am PREGNANT for the fourth time.

Praise the Lord for such wonderful news for the season. So significant in timing as we seek to bear forth spiritually, He too planted a seed biologically. Everything in Him and through Him is intertwined. He fashions them into the fabric of our life.
edlina & the lynns
AIGC young people's reunion at Jimmy and Joanne's wedding. Seasons of life take us to different places. This was one where we also built memories. Growing, playing and serving together in the last season. Now we are all dispersed to different grounds, embarking on our own journey of faith.
edlina & the lynns
Back again in Camerons to unleash the potential of sportsmen and women. Contactsports organized the first ever sports leadership camp to develop leaders for the arena of sports which is lacking in most churches. Participants sat through theory and practical sessions on vision casting and development, nutrition, physical fitness, sports injury amongst many others.

Oh, a serious session?! This one on sports nutrition and one area of discipline which is very challenging for modern Malaysian youth in a land of glorious food!

Come on...talk to me...Ed digging their brains :)

Aah...ouch! Are we fit or are we not?

Watch out for the coming sports camp or perhaps convention this year!
edlina & the lynns
The 8th of October is always a special day in our family. Simply because it is the birthday of very special people - my mum and Ed's dad. We seemed to have some similarities in these two lines. My mum's late maternal grandmother was a Burmese. So was Ed's dad. That explains the reason for our dark skin. People rarely think we are Chinese. Ed's always been approached as a Malay or East Malaysian. And the children...they are so cosmopolitan :) They are thought to be Malay, Chindian, Eurasian, Thai, Filipino, Hispanic...anything except Chinese as they are gorgeously tanned and blessed with big beautiful eyes.

Birthdays - some years we celebrate together for both parents. Some years we do it separately to give it a special touch. This year we had it on separate slot. Anyhow, we have all to rejoice because a birthday is a reminder of God's creative power in bringing life. Today we celebrate the life of Dad whom God has raised for his good works for more than 6 1/2 decades.

Today is also another special person's birthday - younger though :) Tabitha

Rejoice. And again we say, "Rejoice!"
edlina & the lynns
The year 2007 marks a significant milestone for Mum. She turns 60. She steps into a beautiful passage in life. She can look back at her golden years, picking up precious gems along the way of life – sweet memories mingles with lessons learnt from mistakes, she can now look forward to more glorious years.

She did not choose to be born,
But God made her.
She did not choose her mum and dad,
But God gave her.
She had no idea what life has in store,
But God had a plan for her beyond life’s door.

She was young once,
Beautiful and full of dreams.
She became someone’s wife,
Sharing his life.
She became a mother,
Nurturing others.
She became a grandmother,
A helping hand.

She’s also a daughter, a sister, a mother-in-law, and a friend –
Above all else she is a child of God,

The honourable woman with her blessed man.

Excited grandchildren showing Ah Ma the gift - a homemade birthday journal; compilation of stories of the honourable woman by loved ones. Ah Ma admiring her favourite pic of younger days - her long curly locks and 36-24-36 statistic. But its the inner beauty that shines and grace her life forever.


edlina & the lynns
We haven't seen Leor, our Bangladeshi friend for ten years. Now we had the chance to catch up as we hosted him at our home. He brought a friend along, Nripen. Both these brothers serve in their nation in the Baptist Convention. Having God's people from other nation staying with us is a blessing. We have mission education right at home and the girls enjoy getting to know them, their nation and be in prayer partnership.

Ash is very keen to welcome guests. She had her room cleaned with Nat and have the bed linen laid properly, with their new colourful blankets rolled up and tied with a ribbon to be as close as a welcoming hotel. Towels laid out. Fresh drinking water was served daily in the room to ensure guests were well hydrated in our hot weather. It was another chance for the girls to learn service and hospitality.

Nripen is a child-friendly man. He loves the kids. The girls had difficulty pronouncing his name. Therefore, it was made easier when Nripen introduced his nick-name, "Uncle Nipu". Uncle Nipu talked incessantly about Bangladesh. The girls had their social study lesson of this land with many needs.

Chrisa having fun with Uncle Nipu.

Together with Leor and Nripen over a meal at McDonalds.

Nripen showing us the Bangladesh flag and telling us about his country.

edlina & the lynns
Yes, we surfed at the cool highlands into the Word of God as Edward took the youth camp of TAR College Christian Fellowship. He took the students through an adventurous trip into scriptures as they seek to be S.U.R.F. (Students Uncovering Real Faith).
This is a stop that must not be missed when we make a trip to Camerons. The girls love Uncle Raju's sweet delicious strawberries. Not just the fruit is sweet but so is Uncle Raju. He is always so welcoming and generous to the us.

Another beautiful stop - Robertson's Rose Garden. A small humble garden hidden along the way to the BOH Tea plantation. Our second time to the place but the friendly gardener could remember the girls well. She gave us an educational tour as we observed the nature's variety on a splendour display. They are not just beautiful but purposeful. Our hearts were awed at the Maker's wonderful creation and indeed He has given us natural products from soap, juice, herbs and medicine - all in the confines of the little garden. God always redeem what is lost so we can enjoy the abundance of life. We missed the harvesting of raspberries in Tasmania this year. When we visited the farm, we could only managed to taste the frozen ones but it was good enough for that moment. The girls loved it anyway. But here, right in our nation, we found raspberries hidden in the secluded garden. We were given a free treat by eating off from the plants - fresh! Look at Chrisa delighting in her pick.

Yummy...Chrisa enjoying her biggest strawberry from Uncle Raju.

And the men (Ed and Deswyn)...they too had their sweet moment.

edlina & the lynns
October was a very happening month! We were engaged in many exciting events. Two trips to Cameron Highlands and one to Sabah. In between the trips, we rejoiced in birthday celebrations and a wedding, hosting our Bangladeshi friends and kids preparing hard for their gymnastic grading test. Busy busy busy! But so much to thank God.

Moving fast through October....