edlina & the lynns
"Mum, why are we going round and round only? Let's ride out..." exclaimed Chrisa on her pony, Mars. Unfortunately, pony rides are only confined in the ranch. Mummy had to be the pony guide while daddy rode off with Ash and Nat for an adventurous bush ride along the Gunnamatta Trail in Mornington Peninsula. Horses. What does it reminds me of? Strength and power. We grew to love Mars as it faithfully and obediently serve Chrisa for an hour. Just like Chrisa, Mars is playful.
The trail rides were simple. The kids got to know their horses very quickly and was somewhat a little attached to them. Ash was riding Bart, Nat was riding Jet, and Dad had Tom. They were all very good horses and made our ride very smooth. Walking and galloping occasionally made the ride a very enjoyable one. With occasional stops for the horses to poo and wee (which was quite amusing to the kids), the ride across the fields and trail was very interesting. It was yet another "walk" through the beauty of God's creation.
edlina & the lynns
God gives more than we can ever imagine or asked for...Ashlynn's birthday gift was extended from Mt. Wellington, Tasmania to Lake Mountain, Melbourne after 20 days. After seeing and feeling snow, we all yearned for the real play. We prayed earnestly and anticipated the day with great expectation. Everything was just right...the weather, the fresh snow, and the space. The best thing to the dad was, he paid less than we budgetted.

Chrisa with her snowman. Beaming with delight and proudly presenting her creation.

"Woohoo..." Zooming down the slope. Mother-daughters toboggan race.

The ever gungho Nat in action...

This round Nat took on Chrisa for a super cool ride...

Snowballs! 1,2,3...attack...who else? The victim was always mum who tried to capture some shots.

The ongoing heavy snowfall was the sign of God's full measure of blessings. He gave us more than we could asked for. Our third and final, and also biggest snowman to end the day. Chrisa was so fearful people would take away if we left it behind. She refused to leave the snowman. Must all good things come to an end? The best is yet to come...
edlina & the lynns
Meeting up with Daniel a.ka. Pesso for Vietnamese lunch. Pesso is currently serving as an intern in Clayton Church of Christ Fellowship. He's involves in international students' ministry. Pesso the ever easy-going guy is married a year ago! We had the opportunity to attend the International Students Ministry in which he was leading in the church.

Hun Por, God-sent at just the right time. This brother has always been helpful. We haven't seen him for some time. Met up with him one Sunday at Clayton Church and told us he's based in Sydney for his work now. We've been praying hard for accomodation when we attend Hillsongs Conference in July. Many people told us most hotels/motels are booked. Here we are...experiencing God's grace again - Hun Por opened his home for us to stay during our 10 days in the city.

Pizza! Ed's favourite food. Dinner with Daniel and Sue at their beautiful home. This couple was formerly from Penang too. Now with their little girl, Naomi and one more on the way, they made their home in Melbourne. Very warm and friendly couple though we don't really know them back in Penang.

Fellowship to Penang folks means FOOD. A gathering of Penangites at John and Ruth Ngoo's home in Rowville. Mike and Viv's family also joined us for steamboat. A real good way to warm up - glorious food, good fellowship and nice wine to flush down the system.

Manyando or known by us as Mandy, from Zambia...a student here. She is easy to talk to and gladly shares her experiences and eagerly listening to ours. Although our cultures differ but we can sense the love of God flowing in our sharings.

Selina with her former classmate, Marjoree and Marjoree's sister, Emily. Both are great woman. Marjoree is a medical doctor with the Royal Brisbane Hospital and a woman of strength and courage. Emily is pursuing her studies in Masters now and shares a similarity with Chrisa. They are both the youngest girl amongst 3 girls in their family and they like lollies! At least that's what they said to each other.
edlina & the lynns
Three years of friendship, four years of courtship, six months of engagement and ten years married. It is not a very long time but definitely long enough to know someone well :)

This year surely is one significant milestone in our life together - as we rejoice in our sabbath, we also celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Ed always say he never fell in love with me. He grew in love. That growth has deepen through the last decade. This marriage partnership is worth celebrating simply because it was made in heaven. The evidence of the union - beautiful heavenly gifts in different packings... strong and charming Ashlynn, kind and enduring Nathalynn; and adorable and witty Chrisalynn.

Celebration of marriage partnership is a daily affair. But today we took extra effort to reflect on our delightful decade as we took the kids to Jells Park for a run and fresh air while we stole some quiet moments. Dinner for 2 at Sante' Buffet and stroll along Yarra River. What a treat as Peggen and her company babysat the kids. We pledged our love anew.

Tomorrow morning if you wakeup
and the sun does not appear
I will be here
If in the dark, we lose sight of love
Hold my hand, and have no fear
'Cause I will be here

I will be here
When you feel like being quiet
When you need to speak your mind
I will listen
And I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin'
Through the winning, losing and trying
We'll be together
I will be here

Tomorrow morning, if you wake up
And the future is unclear
I will be here
Just as sure as seasons were made for change
Our lifetimes were made for these years
So I will be here

I will be here
And you can cry on my shoulder
When the mirror tells us we're older
I will hold you
And I will be here
To watch you grow in beauty
And tell you all the things you are to me
I will be here

I will be true to the promise I have made To you
and to the One who gave you to me

Tomorrow morning, if you wake up
And the sun does not
I will be here
Oh, I will be here

- Lyrics by Steve Curtis Chapman

edlina & the lynns
How true is the scripture that says, "if you don't praise Him, the rock will soon cry out..."

Meeting people and going places have been very refreshing in connecting us deeper to a Mighty God, the Maker of the heavens and the earth.

A drive along Tasmania is like strolling along the Art Gallery of Heaven...canvas of paintings by the Artist of All spreaded all over. A simple lush green plains hovered by the serene blue sky was so soothing to me as I passed patches upon patches of such views...as though a spread of custom designed quilt covered over the earth.

Chrisa picked her first fallen leaf the first day we arrived in Melbourne. She's never got enough of those leaves ever since. "Look I got the biggest leaf,"- she showed us as she sat on the big leaf pile in Salamanca Market, Hobart, Tasmania. Fallen leaves reminds me of the changing season; from the old to the new. As I prepare to rest and hibernate in the winter, I also anticipate spring soon - the glorious blooms.

The Nut, at Stanley, Tasmania stands strong and unmovable for more than 13 million years. The steep climb to this volcanic core was strenous and beats going to the gym. The perseverance and hard work paid off as we didn't just get to our destination to have a breathtaking view from above, but also bumped into Ed's old friend's dad, Graham Wells. So that connected him to his friend, Wanita. Many difficult challenges in life have multiple purposes. They don't just get us to our destination but we have surprises along the way.

It is from above that we can see better...looking down along the steep path up The Nut. It is a matter of perspective. Where am I looking from? My limited eyeview from below if I had decided to stay at the foothill, or be challenged to see from above.

Oh, those cute little sheep! "All we like sheep have gone astray, each of us going our own way..." The sheep needs the good Shepherd.

We came out from Ashgrove Cheese Factory and we went, "Woah, look at that!" It was the most beautiful rainbow we've seen. A full spectrum of colours clearly and beautifully splashed across the blue sky. We could only capture half of it here with our basic camera. No complaints. The image captured in our mind will be impressed deeply for a long time. God's promises are FULL - complete and abundant.

This is a breathtaking panoramic view of Cradle Mountain (Tasmania) overlooking Dove Lake. I stood in awe of His Majesty.

When one comes to the edge of something - a cycle, a challenge, a crisis...what happens? Here we stood at Edge of the World, Arthur River, we came face to face to the Supreme One who holds all things together.

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" (Matthew 6:26) Bird-watching at the lakeside in Tassie.

Extremely thrilled at Mt. Wellington, Hobart at the first sight and feel of snow falling down. We went with full expectation to see snow although winter has not officially begun, and many people doubt we will be successful. We asked our Father for this birthday gift for 9 year-old Ash. How prompt the good Father responded! It started to snow immediately we parked our car and got down!! Amazing. Chrisa collected some evidence in her palms and greeted Ash with one hand at a time, "This is from me, and this is from God." HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASH! Divinely delightful.
edlina & the lynns
Bob and Annette Sayer, Ed's prayer parents are lovely people. It was a meaningful reunion for Ed after 16 years. They live nearby GLO and often checking on us during our stay in Tassie. We've learnt love in action from these faithful servants of God. Bob is youthful and passionate for God and His Kingdom. He goes the extra mile(s) for others. The joy of the Lord overflows from this man. He blessed us in so many ways. Trully possess a heart of the father...and one evidence was he sent us off to the airport, which is 3 hours' journey. Six hours return trip...in the dark. Only a father would do that.

Annette celebrating her 60th birthday! A gentle and kind lady. She blessed us with her authentic Aussie meals. This was her advanced celebration with her family. On the actual day, she was sending us off to the airport.

Bob reading to Chrisa...with all kinds of sound effects.

Two cheeky but adorable bundles of joy -Chrisa with Finlee, one of Bob's grand-daughters.

Another great reunion with Ed's training supervisors, Robert and Fiona Key. The Keys also lived nearby GLO and it was a great moment sharing of good times in GLO. They had served with GLO faithfully for many years but now moved on to different ministry.

Beverly (and John - not in the pic) Moore are current house parents. In the short exchange of conversation over laundry, these seniors encouraged us to grow stronger in the Lord through their simple faith.

Afternoon tea-time with GLO staff and students. Walking down memory lane for Ed.

New friends, Pip and Maree Gale, Senior Pastors of Smithton Christian Fellowship. Also with us at dinner was their daughter, Nicola. Pip and Maree are both inspiring and encouraging to us in their heart for global impact for divine purposes.

Pip with his Youth Pastor, Daniel. Daniel and wife Haley are young ministers with a deep passion for youth. Their love for the young people and passion for mission can be felt even in our short encounter with them. We had the privilege to minister to their youth group in two occassions.

Jamie Leon Turner, 16 challenged by Ed's testimony on sports' ministry and the vision of floorball as a tool of outreach. He has a vision to become a professional basketball player, and his desire is to use it to influence other young people for the Lord.

At Hanlon House in Stanley with the Wells. Graham and Maxine Wells are parents of Wanita Wells, Ed's GLO course mate. They showed us warm hospitality. We met Graham at The Nut, a 13 million year-old volcanic core in Stanley when we toured the place with Bob as our tourist guide. Graham was been introduced to us by Bob and invited us to his Hanlon House. Thus, Ed was linked up with Wanita again.

In Hobart, we found ourselves nestled in Shaun's yuppie style flat for 3 nights. Here's a young man who is pursuing a medical degree in the University of Tasmania and earnestly seeking God's ways. This is an easy-going brother who allowed us to intrude his privacy of his dwelling place. We are so grateful for his hospitality.
edlina & the lynns

Smithton to Hobart...a long 5 hours' drive passing lots of lush green plains with grazing sheep and cows. From the small town of 3000 people to the busy city huddled in the valley. Hobart is uniquely located in the valley with Derwent River running through it. Day out in the city hub...And, enjoying the serenity of the city...away from the throngs of people at the city hub...bird watching...black swans and seagulls.

Winter has just begun...God answered our earnest prayer to see snow falling! Up in Mt Wellington which overlooks Hobart. It was raining when we parked the car and we ASKED for snow...our Father delighted us. When we got out from the car, snow started falling. We were so hysterical witnessing the prompt divine reply. Look at Chrisa analyzing the white fallings :)

Last day at Hobart - in Salamanca Market, the popular outdoor market of 300 stalls by the river. It is only open on Saturdays and attracts the locals and tourists alike to their authentic Aussie products and live performances. The girls were attracted to the Go Green stall. Selina has always been keen on raising a green family but modernity poses a great challenge to it. Step by step she is learning to go green. Here looking at the colourful display of baby cloth diapers and female hygenienic products.

edlina & the lynns
Dismal Swamp - the world's only blackwood sinkhole forest. One could choose to walk down to the underground geology or shoot down via a 110 metres slide in 17 seconds. Too bad Ed failed to get his adrenaline pumping as the slide was closed on the day we went. It was too wet thus dangerous to slide down. Ash, the choleric daughter...she is just like daddy, all hoping and eager to slide. Just not the right timing. You can see the slide in the background of this picture.
Trekking through the forest reserve of Dismal Swamp...well, as usual, the Lynns possess too much energy. They are always making dance. Here's one, belting out a new move...music composed by Ash and Nat...lyrics from a story entitled "Crocodile Rock"

Big Tree hidden in the Dip Falls' Forest Reserve. I have a certain attraction to trees. Though I am not a botanist in any sense but trees always points me to my Maker. They possess a certain strength and composure which I so yearn for. This one is an eucalyptus, Browntop Stringybark.

This eucalyptus obliqua stands real tall at 62 meters and 16 meters wide around the base. The Big Tree stands proudly at 400 years of age.

Sitting at the Edge of the World at the mouth of Arthur River. It was freezing but the waves beating against the rocks were telling me the Maker has something to tell me.....I stood at the edge and waited...a sense of the greatness of my Creator overwhelmed me.

A tablet of stone inscribed:
I cast my pebble onto the shore of Eternity.
To be washed by the Ocean of time.
It has shape, form, and substance.
It is me.
One day I will be no more.
But my pebble will remain here.
On the shore of eternity
Mute witness from the aeons.
That today I came and stood
At the edge of the world.

-by Brian Inder
edlina & the lynns
Our dwelling place in Tassie - GLO (Gospel Literature Outreach) Training Centre in Smithton. Ed's first formal bible training 16 years ago. We were housed in the family unit named Winston House, a cozy quiet dwelling.

Two full weeks in Tassie...roaming and getting a taste of authentic Aussie land. Heaven for the Lynns...cheese tasting in Ashgrove Cheese Factory. Yummy! Red Rubicon is thumbs-up amongst the 20 over kinds displayed.

Freddo the Cadbury mascot greeting us at the end of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory tour. Chrisa enjoying her Freddo piece melting in her mouth but was scared to see Freddo the mascot patting her. We enjoyed free flow of chocolate tasting till Ash confessed she got sick of the smell especially after the tour!
Stopping by Hanlon House for lunch (a bed and breakfast) run by the Wells in Stanley. Beautiful colonial setting overlooking the sea. Supposed to have sandwiches at the park till we met Graham Wells of Hanlon House (more about them later). So here were enjoying our lunch and a hot drink in the lovely home.
Hanlon House is of superb quality bed and breakfast. Hmm, they didn't pay me to advertise but I was really impressed by the fine furnishing of the entire place plus the kitchen...people say every woman will eye for the kitchen first and trully this one really captured my attention to its complete set of pans and spices.