Life is always changing. Seasons change. People change.

October 8 is always doubly special. My mum and my father-in-law share the same birth date. As we rejoiced and celebrated this day, it also reminded me with every birthday we grow older. It thrill our hearts to see the children grow. On the other hand, I am thankful for our parents but as I traced their obvious aging signs, my heart aches to face the reality that they are no longer as strong and energetic as they used to be. Their faces bear increasing lines and sagging muscles. Their gait is no longer as steady. Their pace slower. They need to rest in between during outings. Their lives draw closer to the eternal home each moment. It is a fact I have to face and I am so grateful for our parents to know they love me so much and raised us all to live a full life.

I thought of my children's plea every now and then, "Mum, please don't grow old. Please stay young and beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ahem, this could be a biase statement from adoring children :) And I will always reply to each of them, "I wish I could, honey but we all grow old." Then I will ask them, "Will you love me just the same?"

Now I stand in my children's shoes and wished our parents won't grow old...but it is a fact I have to face. Change is inevitable. As I looked intently at each of them, I can only say, "I love you just the same."

Old is gold :) May God's grace and countenance be upon them as they age.
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