The anticipated excitement in the months of waiting is now being replaced by the reality that we are back in good old Penang. The hot and humid weather almost melt us every time we go out and hit reality into us that "hey, we are in tropical Penang". No more erratic temperature change of Melbourne. Did we enjoy the trip? If you asked my kids, it will be a resounding YES! As for Ed and I - it was indeed a very tiring one running after an active toddler who is ready to explore just about anything and anywhere.

There was no time to slowly ease into routine. We were welcomed by a lot of work awaiting to be done especially with the Christmas season. Today - in my quiet moments...with kids all gone for Christmas shopping, I finally get to pen down as I traced God's doing in every single move in our trip to Melbourne. Another faith trip. Another miraculous act. His prompt provision is beyond description. Only God can do all these. Indeed He is "I AM WHO I AM".

We were surrounded by love through his people. Love. God's love. Can you understand it all?

There's a quiet celebration of his love in my heart as I think of Christmas.
Surely Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in our heart.

Blessed Christmas and Have an Enriching 2010!