Every year on this day, brings me back to my humble beginning as a mum.

Cuddling this tiny 2.3 kg load offered a lifetime of responsibility. I remember beaming with such joy yet so overwhelmed by the tremendous task set ahead of me. The scene of me sitting at the bedside of the maternity home holding this precious life still stays fresh. It was my enrolment into the School of Motherhood - one specialized school so uniquely tailored for every student, offers no certification nor graduation, but guarantees a huge load of work which requires diligence, patience, consistency and love - yes, lots of love! Many hours of sleepless nights, days of toil...AND I gladly willingly stepped into this school. After thirteen years, The Principal Teacher gave me added assignments - he added three more tiny loads, all not more than 2.5 kg as a start but power-packed with promising potentials to be yielded for his glory.

Today I watched my first tiny 2.3kg load transformed into a much bigger size than me, could even lift me up in the air, adorned in her all new attire from top to toe (gifts blessed by wonderful people) got ready for the day. She kissed me and went off with a smile, all ready for the youth conference for the next 3 days.

She is thirteen today! She is clothed with strength and beauty. Her name is Ashlynn.
She is a terrific, tremendous teen. I am proud to call her 'my daughter'.


I hardly could sit in one position. I struggled to find the right angle to sit and sleep. I could hardly breathe properly. Every breath was an effort. The baby was growing. He was pressing down to my pelvic bone. The pain increased with the days. The intense discomfort made my fourth time mummy experience unbearable. But I endured. I would persist till the baby come in full term. He was God's handiwork woven in the fabric of my womb.

We could not stay still any longer. We were challenged to reposition. Repositioning required action. It demanded drastic and radical move. Joshua and the Israelites were commanded to "move out of their position and follow the presence of God." Then only they would know the direction clearly. The book of Joshua is a dangerous book to read. It is filled with intense passion, propelled by faith to release the power to achieve the impossibles. A seed has been planted in our spirit and had been brewing in the secret place for years. The time had come. We embraced it with strength and courage to protect the conception of this spiritual seed. There were shaking off old mindsets to fully understand the seriousness and intensity of God's call and commands. We were stripped bare of our comfort zone to cross over to the unknown. Then only would we see the power of God parting our "Jordan River". Indeed he did.

The physical babe we conceived, Ashton - strong fortress and the spiritual baby, Gateway City Church were God's favour and honour. He weaved both in our physical and spiritual womb at a significant time to amplify the seeds of his faithfulness, love, strength and power. These two are strong reminders of who our God is, and what he can do - he majors in impossibilities! The joy of at the end of the labour pain was guaranteed. My role was to PUSH - till I hear the triumphant cry! The cry of release of the impregnated seeds. To God be the glory!

Today Ashton turns 3. He is a visual reminder of GCC's milestone.

The saga continues...

I saw. It flapped its wings. Flew low. I caught sight of its bright beautiful blue. And back to the power line, it perched and be still. My morning ritual of standing in front of my bedroom window was brightened up with the glow of a kingfisher. Simply beautiful sight. I had just prayed the day before that I wanted to marvel at the simplest finding. I want to learn like how little children learn. They just keep wondering and keep learning. They are thrilled by the simplest finding.

My conversation with the Lord was interrupted by the bird. It was as though God was saying, "Watch..." A peaceful quietness filled my heart that moment as I followed the moves of the bird. A little bird with a long beak, clothed with gorgeous blue and brown feathers. Simple tone but nevertheless, beautiful. Beauty in its simplicity.

I had been praying to be renewed like the eagle - strong and steady. Now I asked to be beautiful too. Lessons in birdwatching!