Ashton protested to be fastened. He wriggled hard to be freed from my attempt to fasten his belt as the plane was preparing for landing. I whispered a prayer to the Father asking for help to keep the toddler down. The moment I succeeded, I sighed a relief and prayed that he would keep still till we landed.

As the plane landed at the Melbourne Airport, I whispered a "thank you" to the Father again and asked that He will show me more...apart from attending Peggen's wedding, an important affair to us. We have every reason to be thankful for this young woman whom we have watched from being a teen full of dreams in a local college to being a mature woman of faith...and preparing to be a beautiful bride. Deep down in my heart I know the Father always has a multi-purpose plan. He always maximize the opportunities. So I have to be in sync with him to ride on every opportunity, and learn well. "God, what are you teaching me this trip?"

Suddenly it dawned upon me, I was shedding the old of my spiritual autumn and resting in my spiritual winter the last trip I was in Australia. The exact seasons in the physical during our sabbath then. Here in this land again after 2 1/2 years, we were welcomed by the cool refreshing spring and preparing to enter into summer in just a little while. In the spiritual, that's our season too - a season of ploughing and hard work of planting. Yet in a little while we will see the fruit. Then again, we have to be diligent in protecting the fruit from the heat of summer. Spiritual warfare! Nevertheless, summer is a season of lots of work and sweat yet it is coupled with fun in the sun. Certainly we are in the challenging season but also anticipating tremendous excitement.

Inevitable change! I need to know my season to maximize every opportunity given before I welcome the next season.