He rolled over me this morning.
His little soft hands stroked my face a few times.
He looked at me, and said, "Let's go eat bread."
He looked sweetly into my eyes and smiled the sweetest smile and pulled me up with all his might.
I was not quite ready to get off my bed, but he was too sweet to decline his offer.
Nowadays he will run into my arms and hold my face with both his chubby little hands, look me into my eyes with such a sparkle, then whispers, "my sweet girl." Then he rushes off to play again.
Yes, it is very random throughout the day. But these little gestures of my 2 1/2 year old is like heaven sprinkling joy dust on me.

The joy of the Lord is [my] strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

Leave a comment and share what are the little things in life that brings you great joy that make your day counts. I'll love to hear you.

edlina & the lynns
I dragged myself out of bed after almost the entire night of lying awake. A promise is a promise. Our "school" in Youth Park this morning. A day out surrounded by nature is always welcoming. I love the simplicity of life - just observe nature, talk, play, learn, observe and think, explore and excite our senses. That's life. That's learning. That's loving - loving the people by connecting, loving nature, loving God by appreciating all these gifts.

Anytime, anywhere - just the park with lots of greens and running space and pool for water play...that's suffice to keep the children happy and contented.

While my mind was still full of thought-processing of being "strong and courageous" (from my previous post), the lure of nature and kids simply enjoying it was enough to call this day - blessed!

Leave a comment to let me know how has your day being blessed.

What does it really mean "to be strong and be very strong and courageous"?

It's been a long day and night. A long chat with my Father. He seemed silent while I poured continously from my longing heart. My limited mind cannot contain the chain of thoughts which flooded in...all sort of concerns. I had known this is not an easy season, but God promised strength and courage. My mind understood it well but the heart is still finding its grip every now and then when the ride gets rough. My eyes need constant check to realign and focus. The focal point is the Cross. When it gets too difficult and painful, the reference point is Christ. He settled it on the Cross. How can I nullify that power? "But, God..." Before my train of thoughts chugged on in the dark of the night, he whispered, "Be strong and courageous. Be very strong and courageous." "I know. But like how?" I argued weakly.

The scene of the entire day took a quick flash. "Look at him," he spoke very gently.

Ashton was exploring his steps from his favourite stool to another chair (several trips) at breakfast while munching his cheese. I reminded him to sit. I must say it requires lots of energy to be consistent. Before I said again, he missed his steps and slipped in between those two seats. I hung on to his arm just in time but his right trunk hit the chair and he burst out in tears. He was soothed and cautioned for the umpteenth time this season.

Bath time was fun till he fell right on his back. He cried a bit and got right up and jumped into the tub again ready to continue the joy of the touch of water.

In between his play throuhgout the day he had some minor slips. He wasn't concerned.

In the evening at my parents', he dashed onto the sofa chair to hit himself on the metal rim at the side. It sounded bad. He burst into tears and showed me his hurting lower abdomen. Within a few seconds in my comforting arms, he freed himself to continue his neverending exploration.

Nothing deterred him despite the hits, falls and pain throughout the day. He regained his strength, speed and spirit instantly! He obviously, inevitably grow. The best part is - he enjoys it!

Tonight...hmm, already a new morning...Thank you, Lord for the lesson.

Friends, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts of "be strong and very strong and courageous." What does it mean to you?

I am blessed with such a beautiful name which means HEAVENLY. Thank you Dad and Mum!!!!

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Chrisa woke up this morning saying, "It feels like Chinese New Year just started!" but the 15 days' celebration ended last night. She went on, "I didn't feel it when it was the first day!" We rushed into the celebration - that's why she didn't feel the mood. We were not prepared in many sense. It has been a busy kick-start to 2011. Thus the whole January was on the go; one thing after another. So when the lunar new year arrived, we just jumped into the schedule of visitation. The whole chain exhausted us.

My tired body and mind kind of protested to the party initiated by my dear sister last night. The evening started slow with Ed getting the BBQ pit ready while it drizzled. "Oh no, not tonight," I whispered to heaven. I didn't know who to expect nor how many pax we were catering for as it was all Penny's effort. Friends gradually strolled in while the fire was still in the process. Soon everything just fell into place - good company and good food.

Laughter. The mark of a joyous mood.
Family and friends - and fabulous food. The reminder of God's gifts in my life.
Sparklers. A great way to rleax for our adult friends as they relived their childhood as they excitedly joined my children in lighting and playing these new year toy.

A round of group game wrapped up the night leaving young and old with joy and gladness.
Every occassion is only meaningful when we celebrate life with a tight community. The lunar new year closed well with God evidently in out midst. It is always good when God is in it:)
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edlina & the lynns
I woke up this morning feeling more tired than I when I went to bed last night. A string of nagging thoughts interfered my rest. As much I know God grants his beloved children rest somehow rest was far from reach for me :(

Today I requested my man to take the whole troop out since he is already taking 2 girls for floorball training. He graciously agreed. My cherished moment with the girls 2 nights ago was one of the many creative redemptive moment. Now I am enjoying another one for this week. What I thought would be lost is redeemed creatively with the Lord. My pathetic night didn't lead to a pathetic day. My creative juice flows in the quietness of my personal space. I've to push some stop buttons so I can set aside some time now to prepare to speak into the lives of young people at GCC's first Youth Valentine's Party. I can't wait to share the Ultimate Lover.

Come and party with us in pink tonight at 7pm if you don't have any plan. See you at:

"The Atrium"
1-5-29 e-Gate,
Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2,
11700 Gelugor,Penang, Malaysia.

Call us for further info 016-4189511

Pink?? Yes, you read correctly. You can adorn yourself in any sort of pink in any shirt, pink tie, pink nails, pink accessories...or all the way pink!
edlina & the lynns
The techno bug just attacked the family. We are on a discovery mission of IT. I've always been the IT dummy. I love the conventional way of paper and pen. No matter how much I've seen what IT can do and the vastness of this field, I still love the paper and pen. Call me the "old fashion" girl if you want. The authenticity of penmanship is indescribable. Nevertheless, last night heaven granted us an opportune time. I thank God for IT.

One of my girls hit the bad mood scale and attempted to vent her frustration on the computer screen. It must be the Lord's prompting which led me to sit beside her and whispered a soothing word. The next thing - we were thrown into a sea of IT adventure. We spent the next 2 hours or so browsing the net and learning new things together. Another girl joined us almost immediately. Our girls' hang out was priceless - a time of giggles and laughter, the thrill of new discoveries. An unexpected turn from the ugliness of a bad mood to a cherished moment!
edlina & the lynns
Announcing the new blogger in our family...Little Woman of Greater Faith

Chrisa has always wanted to be part of the blogging world. She has the most to say and many times wise words. Her faith is an inspiration to us. However, she will have to feel her way here as her typing can't match her vocal speed yet and also getting to know all the features available in the techno world. Be patient as you see her grow her blog. Another milestone in writing for the little woman who aspire to be an author one day :)
Life is indeed like a "box of colour pencils" to me like I just mentioned. In those pages of my life, there's still much to be coloured. In some pages I can't wait for them to be filled up beautifully. There has been a stirring in my heart to do so many things in this lifetime. I wonder if I will get to do them all.

Through the years of mothering I've been reading a lot to the kids and they have been pestering for some good personal stories to be retold in printing. So in our chats we have talked about some "books" to be published one day. One day.

Last night Ash asked me, "If you were to write just one book - just one, which one will it be?" Pretty tough choice. All supposed to be good books :) for a good reason. The answer is quite obvious in my heart. The spontaneuos one that stood out in my mind and heart when I was asked - it will be on my motherhood journey. My passion. My mission. My legacy. The training that I enrolled in by choice.

Today I would be interviewed briefly on a dance piece, "EVA" - I (and my 3 princesses) performed with some mums and their children last year. I've so much to say on being a mum - a vocation so often overlooked by our post-modern culture. Sometimes despised. A stay home mum loses her significance the moment she leaves the secular workforce. From a "somebody", she is reduced to "just a mum at home". An ex-colleague confidently stated, "If you were given a choice again, you would choose to come back to work, right? With a broad smile, I confidently without a shadow of doubt exclaimed, "I would still choose to be a stay home mum." That response caught her by surprise.

So now back to my thoughts on the interview, I've to concise my lengthy thoughts to a few lines. That's quite a feat for me as, if I were to write just one book in my lifetime, this would be IT. God's special training for me and I love it!

To all my beautiful girlfriends who share this same passion, let's say Amen! You are in the most influencial place in the world.
I stood right in the centre of the empty lot smelling the fresh paint and watching the children laboring along with the faithful leaders and volunteers. The floor was clad with newspapers all over while diligent hands worked on the walls with tireless strokes.

The physical emptiness resonated with the fullness of his gracious kindness and everlasting love. I hear his heartbeat as I continued to stand in this place he has consecrated and named - The Atrium - I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there. (2 Chronicles 7:16)

Gateway City Church is humbled and honoured as we dedicated the new rented lot to The King of Kings on 30 January 2011 in conjunction with her 3rd Anniversary. The Atrium is a life centre - a spiritual circulation of freshness and hope.

I stand in awe of him who calls forth radical faith and courage in times of uncertainty.
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The last few days were filled with people. Young and old, and very old. Yes the oldest being 96 years' old.

The usual Chinese New Year rounds led us to meet family and friends whom a majority we don't see on the normal days. The most meaningful moment for me this new year up till now - my conversation with this 96 years' old grand aunty. She has lived almost a century and so ready to leave earth. She had been widowed since young and left with an only daughter whose life was robbed away by an air crash when she was still young. It has been a long lonely journey. I am amazed by her strength and alertness. Life is like...hmm, I am still processing her words of sharing.

Forrest Gump in the movie's famous line - "life is like a box of chocolates..."

What is life?
Life seems temporary. Yet it is full of different sort of baggages.
Where does it take us? Why we believe what we believe?

My wise mum always tell me to respect old people for we all will grow old one day too. I always take heed of that. I love hearing their stories. These stories teach. They inspire. Many made me think and reflect. This encounter will cause me to think further. She was also young once and full of dreams, but life took an unforseen turn and...she is still grappling with all these disturbing issues which I pray she will make peace with God and all.

Life is like...
I would like mine to be "like a box of colour pencils" - and the artist, Creator of all, who will colour it as he loves - even if it is black and white...may those who look at it will see the beauty of it and trace to the Artist.
edlina & the lynns
Oh, it's here again...where did all the years go?

I would count down the days to Chinese New Year when I was a little girl. A long school break, new clothes, new shoes, everything was new...great excitement filled the air. Time for family renunion. Endless visitations but the same old questions and remarks. "Oh, you've grown so much." Then came the young adulthood..."Any boyfriend?" "Why not?" "Don't wait too long!"

In a flash of time, I am now an adult, a parent but still someone's child...oh, what I mean to say is there's too many responsibilities which overtaken me that I almost forgot the lunar new year is here again. In a way, this is one of the "have to" celebrate occassion by default. But that's not what I want to feel nor pass on. It is a time of newness - new beginnings. It's a welcoming of new spring in China where this culture orginated. Freshness and hope mark the occassion.

Even as I welcome tomorrow a new year in the Chinese calendar, and think of the good things, I can only trace God's doing through his Son, Christ to breathe a fresh hope and abundance in our lives, for he said, "...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

edlina's nest wishes you and family the fullness of God this season...GONG XI GONG XI!