edlina & the lynns
...Is the Cheese.

Cheese to us(dad,ash,chrisa and me) are gold. We are crazy about cheese. When mom went to Australia, she brought back so much cheese that it filled the chiller.

:)12 blocks ,can you imagine!!

She brought back many kinds of cheese, like...Fruit Cheese(melon and mango, cranberry, almond and apricot) we will love to share with you some cheese,if you like cheese!!!

edlina & the lynns
Fellowship and food are inseparable. When there are people, there are food. I am so thankful we live in lands with plentiful food - all sorts in colours, aroma and flavours.

Australian's very owned fast-food chain, Oporto Chicken. Didn't tried the last trips. Finally, got one this time. Value for money. This whole chicken set for A$14.95 for Penny, Poh and I to enjoy to the fullest. Hardly could find any hot meal for this price.

Korean BBQ with Hun Por and Soo Wei in Sydney.

Lebanese treat from Marjoree and Gaik Peng in Brisbane, totally loved it...followed by...

...rich and delicious dessert at Freestyle dessert house. Ed missed this mouth-watering creamy array.

Hot and spicy Northern Indian lunch...food was good but everyone will think twice going to this restaurant. Waiting time was more than an hour. The big gang after church service was impatient but thank God for a good fellowship which kept the hunger in control. Of course, thanks to Ju Min who bought some bread to fill us up for the hour.

There's more to the food in all our fellowships...can't list them all...there's Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, authentic Australian pie (yum, you must try the Beefy's), and of course simple home-made dishes.

Thank God for fellowship and food!

edlina & the lynns
The Women's Colour Conference was the main aim of the trip to Sydney. However, Penny had another quest. She MUST get a good sight and snapshot of the Sydney Opera House. Her last trip many years ago allowed her to have a night view but she didn't manage to get a good snapshot. She was determined this time to have one. So by hook or by crook, she's gonna go for it...bus, train or ferry...she's going to make it there.

And yes, she did! So here's one for the girl!

And many more in her album this time...puas puas. What's with the Sydney Opera House? You must ask her.
edlina & the lynns
what do you think this is??

yes, people!

what kind?

one of its kind - WOMEN, the kind the man "wow" at!

A sea of 16,000 women.

3 of the 16,000 taking a brunch break at the celebration of sisterhood at Hillsongs, Sydney.

It excites my heart to see the gathering of the King's beautiful daughters giving the best expression of adoration to the King. They are called the "Salvation Daughters". They are saved and gathered for His cause and purpose.

edlina & the lynns
The long planned trip has finally arrived...heading Down Under again after 7 months. Difference is leaving my kids and hubby behind. It must be a luxury for any married woman with kids! A getaway :) But trust me...it ain't easy at all...to part. There was tears of separation anxiety.

On board the much boasted SIA new aircraft A380 which has a capacity of more than 500 and comprises two decks...I must say, I was impressed by the upgraded aircraft. However, the much awaited rest on board turned out to be a disaster. The supposedly serene night flight was a nightmare to many. A fussing baby cying the entire journey. No joke. It was a string of neverending loud cries! And the father was pretty much cool about the whole experience. He simply enjoyed his inflight movie with an occassional, "stop it, keep quiet" hoping the distress baby would settle. Sigh.

We landed feeling so groggy and exhausted from a 7 hour buzzing of cries. Our plan to walk the city in Sydney crashed...we knocked off at the hotel. Woke up after a long rest and went for a walk. Penny and I roamed the suburb of Concord West awaiting our hostess, Soo Wei to pick us up after work.

Memory flashed back...a walk in autumn...one full cycle has begun.

The walk in the last autumn, the very day we arrived in Melbourne last year after we rested...I was with Ed and kids...enjoying the autumn breeze and fallen leaves. Now, here, I stand and walking through Sydney suburb welcoming another autumn. The weather has yet to be too chilly. Trees are still green and full. What can I learn from this season? Much anticipation ahead...