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The year is drawing to the close in 12 hours'. I had trouble penning any concrete words past weeks and asked God if "waiting has truly enlarges my spirit?" I definitely learnt many lessons in this faith module but how has my spirit grow?! PTL He answered me recently as I took up my pen to begin jotting down some random thoughts.

Faith was written in my heart when I walked in the spiritual storm in 1998 and spiritual desert in 1999. The breakthrough came when Nathalynn was born the same year.

2007 - Spiritual winter is almost over. Welcoming spring...a season of life and renewal. Maybe I am afraid, anxious what spring entails. The season of hibernation - a mixture of emotions. Somewhat a spiritual "hold" - its called "REST". In my term - Rejoice, Enjoy, Sing, Trust (in the Lord). The long awaited rest wasn't as easy when we are constantly challenged in a post-modern era to be productive. Taking a rest is a challenge to the inner man just as much from the external elements. Yet winter gives some kind of security. I am shielded from the harsh weather as long as I stay in.

A natural cycle in any season - at the end of winter, spring comes; and flowers bloom, birds sing and colours splash in. The new has come. The old has gone. I can't stay in any longer. Time to explore. Rest was created by God so we recharge and recreate. Recreation leads to reproduction. Reproduction is a process. Pain is inevitable. Memories of the labour room kept flashing back. After bearing 3 children and now expecting the 4th doesn't discount the fear of childbearing pain. I can see it. I can feel it. But the pain though remains in the memory bank is a phantom pain. For it is gone. The fruit has been enjoyed. The joy soothed it all. The pain was temporal. The joy everlasting.

I am reminded every breakthrough begins with a conception. Conception requires courage. Courage to bear forth. Conception takes time to grow. The process may seems long, uncomfortable and painful. The future is uncertain though I know I am spiritually and biologically pregnant. I feel heavy yet I have to endure. NO short cuts. I take a rest if I must, cried to the Lord, "Have mercy" and my journey continues...I look ahead to the day that I'll definitely see - the fruit of my "womb" I shall receive, because when the pain was at its highest intensity - I endure, I "PUSH" - because of God's promises I believe.

"Conceive, Believe, Recieve" (T.D.Jakes) in his book "Reposition Yourself" reminds me to keep pushing till there's a breakthrough. I welcome a new season. Winter is almost over, spring is here. I've so much to anticipate in my spiritual and biological pregnancies. I shall see my babies.

I believe in the beauty of womanhood and motherhood. God taught me what it means to continue believing after conceiving. And I certainly will receive if I learn to push when the pain is at the highest. Thank God for the gift of pain. No pain, no gain - the famous saying goes.

I am learning to grasp the deeper meaning of feminity. A beautiful woman is to bear forth the fruit of her "womb".
It calls for courage, consistency, composure and creativity.
It demands tenacity and toil.
She is one who is gentle outside and tough inside.
She is called "GEM": God-Empowered Maiden.
The Father calls her "precious and honoured in his sight...and he loves her" (Is.43:4)

I am a GEM in the Potter's House - continuosly in the remoulding and reshaping process. And I have three GEMs entrusted in my hands - in the making. Alongside there are also many GEMs in my life, together we will bear forth the fruit in our "womb" and the world shall taste and say it is good.
edlina & the lynns
Through the years Christmas carries different meanings as I journey into different seasons. As a young child I looked forward to Christmas for it is a time of holiday. The shopping malls though not as sophisticated as this era were still brightly litted and one could hear the merry ringing of carols and Santa Claus' bells. I loved the days when we would gathered at my uncle's house to celebrate with lots of food and presents. The carolers would be there to grace the occassion. I remembered one year, I was about 12, my uncle asked me to be the MC for the party. I had my speech scripted, and above me was a banner in his house that printed, "Jesus is Lord". I guessed I did pretty well as a preteen MC but I could not bring myself to proclaim the inscription on the banner.

My girl guiding days were great. Every year we went carolling with the scouts. Much practice and effort were put in to perfect our songs and "getting business". One year I was the Santarina. One year I was the Manager - administering the business and mapping out locations and schedule. Well, lots of hard work but definitely learnt a great deal as a teen. That season were loaded with unending fun and laughter with good friends and made good memories. I still smile when I recall those wonderful teenage years.

The essence of Christmas took a turn when at 19 I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I still join the carollers, I still feast on good food, I still have gift-exchanges, I still busied myself with Christmas projects in church - choir, dance, musical dramas. With kids at home now, we decorate Christmas tree. All these were still part of my life but they were done with a different spirit. The season is about joy than mere fun. It is about His Presence rather than the presents. It is about the celebration of the Giver instead of the commercialized giving. Since then, God gradually unfold the revelation of His glory and grace of Christmas to me. Christmas is a gift of love - for Emmanuel has come!

This year carved a change. We deliberately wanted to sip and savour the flavour of the season in a quiet mood away from the crowds. It was just a simple family dinner, some singing, bible reading and prayers at the confine of our own nest. My thoughts are still savouring Isaiah 9:6-7.
The prophet Isaiah proclaimed,
"For unto us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulder.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of his government and peace
there will be no end."

Truly in Him, there will be no end. This special child was born, so that He may die in order we may live eternally. He is all. He is the Everlasting, the ultimate Prince of Peace; indeed there is no end. I receive His wisdom, rule, care, love and peace from the divine reservoir endlessly. And now with just a few days away to a new year, I am still savouring this portion of scripture...for in Him, there is no end.
edlina & the lynns
The mention of dance never fails to cause the Lynns' hearts to beat faster. Despite the busy week, they decided to sign up for the dance competition organized by Sunshine Square in conjunction of the Christmas season. With just a week away, they came up with a pretty good piece and had limited time of practice. Daddy and Mummy were taking a youth camp and so they used siesta to run through. They pestered Mummy to help refine it. Pregnant Mummy was too tired to oblige. One day, God sent an angel. A new friend, Aunty Siat Peng helped to improve the dance piece. Oh yes, they were so glad.

Warming up for the competition on 23 Dec.

Did they expect to win amongst 24 other solo/teams? During the announcement of results, Ash was all ready to be called but reserved Nat didn't have any expectation at all. After a long wait...Tadaa...the second place goes to Ashlynn and Nathalynn Lim with their fusion piece (a combo of ballet, gymnastic, jazz, creative moves)! Nat instantly lit up and a wide smile spreaded.

Chrisa insisted to hold the trophy:)

The triumphant pose!

edlina & the lynns
The book of Joshua has been very personal and meaningful. Its significance was deepen when we had to walk the talk as we embraced the depth of its teaching. It was not meant to be a personal call only but to challenge the young generation to arise to C2C - Consecrate to Conquer: Emulating the Joshua Generation...that's the theme of the Bangsar Youth Camp held in Stella Maris, Penang on 19-23 Dec.

It was a privilege to serve the youth of Bangsar once again in camp for the third time. Certainly the trumpet call for the contemporary Joshua is blasting. Have we heard? Have we obeyed? The seriousness of consecration; being set apart for the purposes of the Most High. The urgent need to arise and stand up for a worthy cause. The extraordinary boldness to make God famous. Do we hear His heartbeat of compassion for the lost? Do we feel the grief of the Holy Spirit for this depraved world?

The comforts and competitiveness of our generation have pushed the core human needs to the hiding. The self-actualization is measured by the achievement of financial and social status. Education and entertainment have squeezed their way through the decades into cultures to reach the climax in our society today. We are living in a loud world. Tonnes of destructive elements are screaming at us. Real values are lost. Hope misplaced. Love distorted. Life fragmented. Someone has to pick up the pieces and fix them back. Not to condemn but to restore. The 'someone' is the contemporary Joshua generation!

One day, Chrisa wanted to play games with me. She couldn't decide what to play. So I threw some suggestions, one of them was puzzle. My lil' girl was quick to answer, "We can't a play puzzle. We fix it." Yes, indeed we can't play around. We have to fix the fragmented pieces. Fixing needs analyzing, strategizing, focus and concentration to enjoy the final beautiful whole picture.

The cost to emulate the Joshua generation is extremely high. It requires our ALL. It requires the tenacity of the spirit to press in and press through for victory. It is impossible to achieve in a single camp. Its a life-long pursuit of divine exchanges. Through imparting in the camp, the call is further reinforced in our own life and served as a timely reminder and affirmation of our role and responsibility to challenge and empower the generation entrusted to us.
edlina & the lynns
Some homeschoolers gathered today for a floorball demo by Coach Edward. The kids came all prepared and were all so enthuasiastic. A terrific opportunity for team sports for these kids.

The girls all ready to sweat it out. Ash and Nat attired in WAGA jerseys (marketed by Contactsports). Very hard to get nice jerseys in kids' size locally. Now even Chrisa has her own.
For WAGA apparels, check out the ContactSports Blog or their website.

Homeschoolers with Coach Edward after the final game of the day.

Having a go for the first time.

Some mummies enjoying themselves watching the kids.

Basic routine been introduced.

We're ready for the game! Coach Penny refereeing.

A short debrief by Coach Edward while Coach Penny giving the kids a treat for the great trial.

You can also check out the writeup in the Contactsports Blog by clicking here.

edlina & the lynns
The floorballers were all geared up. After the many hours of intense training and selection...this was IT - Asia Pacific Floorball Championship in Singapore. The Penang team has risen to a certain level over the few years since its debut here. This year, many younger players were given the opportunity to prove their skill and sportsmanship as they were roped into the national team. Malaysia Boleh! And they did well as reported though Malaysia didn't get into the finals. They played well as a team and showed great improvement.

Edward, being the President of the Penang Floorball Association and State Coach has been diligently developing this new sport and players locally. He's passionate about it. His passion is contagiuos. Chrisa talks and "plays" floorball too. She even has her own stick, ball and t-shirt printed, "floorball". So she longed to be part of this floorball trip. How unfortunate this trip we were staying home and waited for daddy to come home...

But 10 days was long. The Lynns missed daddy. We thought how good it would be if we could plan a surprise trip to Singapore and cheer them. It was just a wishful thinking.

But he's back now! Chrisa awoke this morning to find dad sleeping next to her. She smiled widely and covered her mouth in surprise...and gave a slap on dad's bum to wake him up. That was not violence. It was Chrisa's cheeky way of welcoming him home :)
edlina & the lynns
For the whole of the last week of November, the Lynns were off to the "ranch" at RGBC. The kids' camp theme was just the right one for the Lynns as their craze over horses hasn't ended. They were treated the whole week with songs, dance, games and stories pertaining to the theme wrapped up with bible truths. Little Chrisa wasn't keen to go but finally enjoyed herself as the organizers kindly allowed her to be in Nat's team. That was an assurance for the little one.

"...saddle up your horses..." the song kept ringing in our home as they kids danced to their favourite song of the week. Daddy told them a good news - saying we have this song in our CD collection. How surprising! Little did they know the song is already 15 years old from Steve Curtis Chapman's collection. They had thought it was a new release from the camp :) Hmm...old is gold.

Oh well, they really wished they could saddle up their horses once more, as they did in Melbourne. Unfortunately, this "ranch" didn't have any horses. They were hoping there would be a pony ride (at least) throughout the camp even if there were no horses. Anyway, they savoured a little satisfaction later on...when Kong Kong took them to Pesta for a pony ride. Nothing compared to the trail ride in Peninsula Mornington, Melbourne but...it was enough to satisfy the desire of children.
edlina & the lynns
Bright and colourful Christmas at Orchard Road.

With Princess Ballerina at the miniature palace where Prince Noel falls in love with her.

With Ah Ma and Kong Kong outside a shopping mall along Orchard Road.

The "Giant Red M&M" beside the "M&M House".

Ee ee enjoying a "ride" at Images Of Singapore at Sentosa Island.

After an enjoyable Luge Ride at Sentosa Island.

Shopping spree?? Nope...they are the Pet Protection paperbags with sourvenirs. At the entrance of Marriot Hotel. Oops! Our lil' adorable family 'pet' got stuck. She's trying to balance the super heavy bag for her age.

Food, Glorios Food!

(Comments on photos by Ash)

First tour of Singapore,
Too little time to to explore.
Looking forward to go again,
Make it fast to board the plane.

(by Nat)
edlina & the lynns
The months away and missing training didn't dampen the spirit of these little gymnasts. They were so enthusiastic and diligent the moment they were informed that they would be taking their first grading test. These girls have always been very active, agile, creative and driven in the area of dance and movement. Ash wanted to do ballet since 3. However, we didn't send any of them for classes till a year ago. All these years they had their "classes" at home - exploring and experimenting their body movement and conditioning themselves for greater days :)

Here...Ash gettting ready for her routine. They were tested in free hand, rope and ball routine.

Practising their rope routine - in the get ready pose.

Nat exploring her body movement while waiting for the test to begin.

Ash with her faithful make-up artiste, Ee Ee.

Some of the little gymnasts after a long tiring day...with Coach Lee Ann.

The Lynns just wanted to pass the test but they received a bonus - Ash was ranked 2nd place in her class while Nat at the 3rd placing. Well done, girls! And special thanks to the ever faithful and creative personal seamstress, Ah Ma for sewing their competition leotards. She braved through the challenges of sewing leotards for the first time with limited resources and days. And she got them both a complete gear - hair scrunchies, leotards and half shoes.

edlina & the lynns

Nope. Not "aiya!"

AYA is a good thing. It's stands for Asian Youth Ambassador. Came as a nice surprise when we were notified that Contactsports Enterprise had been nominated as the Youth Friendly Company of the Year. The crew from KL arrived soon to interview Edward and Penny. Contactsports was contested against 30 other companies/organizations of which some were already established and known.
The next really nice surprise was Contactsports was shortlisted to be one of the 6 for the award presentation night on 4 Nov. Voting began soon via sms. The special night arrived and we made our way to KL Performing Arts Centre right away we flew back from Sabah. The formal evening was ushered in with a nice refreshment and followed by a night of some outstanding entertainment. The two categories of awards - Most Outstanding Youth and Youth Friendly Company serve to encourage "emerging individuals and responsible institutions to preserve in their dreams of improving the quality of life for themselves and those around them in spite of the difficulties and obstacles they encounter." It's all about our future in pursuing a dream Malaysia. What made it extra special this year is it is our 50th Independence!

Contactsports is honoured to be one of the shortlisted nominee though she didn't receive the Durian. Why durian? (Check it out at http://www.ayaawards.com) The experience itself was an opportunity and exposure to what others are doing in the nation. As I sat through the night, I felt patriotic. The sharing, the efforts, the people - they made me even prouder to be a Malaysian. I have always love Malaysia. I know I have purpose in this glorious land. Together with Ed, we know we are called to stay home and be part of the reshaping of our generation. Kami anak Malaysia. Sehati sejiwa menuju impian negara tercinta.

For more of Contactsports check it out at: http://321-contact.blogspot.com
edlina & the lynns
November was just as interesting but more Lynns-centred. They were buzzing around with many events and life was on the fast go...

They've been learning so much from the world around them and certainly enriched them in so many ways. The sky is the limit when children learn through life's real experiences. The highlights - gymnastic grading test, holiday in Singapore with the Khoos, and Kids's Camp.
edlina & the lynns
Finally, after many years...we made it to East Malaysia...the Land Below the Wind.

Kids on board the Doulos docked at Kota Kinabalu which was her last trip to Malaysia. The ship will retire next year after sailing a century.

At Lok Kawi Wildlife Park...with new friends, Hee Mang's kids, Abigail and Aaron.

The elephant's ride to wrap up the trip for the kids.

The youngest floorballer in action. Chrisa impressed the crowd with her enthusiasm and cute lil' stick during the community kids' demo. The demo attracted about 30-40 kids from the community. The adults clinic were equally fruitful too. Floorball promotion was the main purpose we flew to Sabah. The response was good and now we have Sabah blazing the trail in floorball in the east.

Day out at Melinsung Beach. Water and sand is never rejected by kids :)
Mudballs throw...daddy and the girls' normal beach game.

Indeed Sabah is very hot! I slept A LOT and didn't do quite well with food as my morning sickness took over. Besides that, surely it was terrific time promoting floorball, networking, and new friends. And of course, beach for the kids! Boat ride, snorkeling...fun, fun, fun in the sun. Chrisa had sunburnt marks all over imprinted with nice pattern of her swimsuit.
edlina & the lynns
A chain of prophetic declarations over the many weeks had caused me to seek out the truth...

Finally, two days before leaving for Sabah, I found out...it's POSITIVE. My urine pregnancy test is positive. The Lord has blessed us with another offspring. The fourth in our troop.

It all began with Nat. One evening I stepped out from the bathroom and Nat stared at me. After I made myself comfortable on the bed, she came over and rubbed my abdomen and said, "Mum, I thought I saw you pregnant." She told me she really saw me with a protruded abdomen just a while ago. Hmm, I had thought it must be time for some weight loss programme :) or my girl must be "seeing things".

Two nights in a row after that week, I had dreams of being pregnant. Perhaps Nat saw a vision.

The following weeks, on a Sunday in church, the aircon was so cold that Ash had to hug me during worship. After service, she whispered to me, "Mum, I felt as though I am hugging a pregnant woman." I smiled at her and replied, "Oh, really?"

One night during our bedtime routine, we were snuggled up in bed for stories and prayer... Chrisa laid on my tummy and rolled over. She quickly got up and patted on my tummy, "Sorry, baby." We were so tickled at her spontaneuos response. How did she know there's one inside?!

Two days before we left for Sabah, Ed woke up telling me he dreamt of me being pregnant. Ok, time to check it out. Each of us in the family had some form of revelation. The curiosity was too much - I must seek the truth. And the fact is - yes, I am PREGNANT for the fourth time.

Praise the Lord for such wonderful news for the season. So significant in timing as we seek to bear forth spiritually, He too planted a seed biologically. Everything in Him and through Him is intertwined. He fashions them into the fabric of our life.
edlina & the lynns
AIGC young people's reunion at Jimmy and Joanne's wedding. Seasons of life take us to different places. This was one where we also built memories. Growing, playing and serving together in the last season. Now we are all dispersed to different grounds, embarking on our own journey of faith.
edlina & the lynns
Back again in Camerons to unleash the potential of sportsmen and women. Contactsports organized the first ever sports leadership camp to develop leaders for the arena of sports which is lacking in most churches. Participants sat through theory and practical sessions on vision casting and development, nutrition, physical fitness, sports injury amongst many others.

Oh, a serious session?! This one on sports nutrition and one area of discipline which is very challenging for modern Malaysian youth in a land of glorious food!

Come on...talk to me...Ed digging their brains :)

Aah...ouch! Are we fit or are we not?

Watch out for the coming sports camp or perhaps convention this year!
edlina & the lynns
The 8th of October is always a special day in our family. Simply because it is the birthday of very special people - my mum and Ed's dad. We seemed to have some similarities in these two lines. My mum's late maternal grandmother was a Burmese. So was Ed's dad. That explains the reason for our dark skin. People rarely think we are Chinese. Ed's always been approached as a Malay or East Malaysian. And the children...they are so cosmopolitan :) They are thought to be Malay, Chindian, Eurasian, Thai, Filipino, Hispanic...anything except Chinese as they are gorgeously tanned and blessed with big beautiful eyes.

Birthdays - some years we celebrate together for both parents. Some years we do it separately to give it a special touch. This year we had it on separate slot. Anyhow, we have all to rejoice because a birthday is a reminder of God's creative power in bringing life. Today we celebrate the life of Dad whom God has raised for his good works for more than 6 1/2 decades.

Today is also another special person's birthday - younger though :) Tabitha

Rejoice. And again we say, "Rejoice!"
edlina & the lynns
The year 2007 marks a significant milestone for Mum. She turns 60. She steps into a beautiful passage in life. She can look back at her golden years, picking up precious gems along the way of life – sweet memories mingles with lessons learnt from mistakes, she can now look forward to more glorious years.

She did not choose to be born,
But God made her.
She did not choose her mum and dad,
But God gave her.
She had no idea what life has in store,
But God had a plan for her beyond life’s door.

She was young once,
Beautiful and full of dreams.
She became someone’s wife,
Sharing his life.
She became a mother,
Nurturing others.
She became a grandmother,
A helping hand.

She’s also a daughter, a sister, a mother-in-law, and a friend –
Above all else she is a child of God,

The honourable woman with her blessed man.

Excited grandchildren showing Ah Ma the gift - a homemade birthday journal; compilation of stories of the honourable woman by loved ones. Ah Ma admiring her favourite pic of younger days - her long curly locks and 36-24-36 statistic. But its the inner beauty that shines and grace her life forever.


edlina & the lynns
We haven't seen Leor, our Bangladeshi friend for ten years. Now we had the chance to catch up as we hosted him at our home. He brought a friend along, Nripen. Both these brothers serve in their nation in the Baptist Convention. Having God's people from other nation staying with us is a blessing. We have mission education right at home and the girls enjoy getting to know them, their nation and be in prayer partnership.

Ash is very keen to welcome guests. She had her room cleaned with Nat and have the bed linen laid properly, with their new colourful blankets rolled up and tied with a ribbon to be as close as a welcoming hotel. Towels laid out. Fresh drinking water was served daily in the room to ensure guests were well hydrated in our hot weather. It was another chance for the girls to learn service and hospitality.

Nripen is a child-friendly man. He loves the kids. The girls had difficulty pronouncing his name. Therefore, it was made easier when Nripen introduced his nick-name, "Uncle Nipu". Uncle Nipu talked incessantly about Bangladesh. The girls had their social study lesson of this land with many needs.

Chrisa having fun with Uncle Nipu.

Together with Leor and Nripen over a meal at McDonalds.

Nripen showing us the Bangladesh flag and telling us about his country.

edlina & the lynns
Yes, we surfed at the cool highlands into the Word of God as Edward took the youth camp of TAR College Christian Fellowship. He took the students through an adventurous trip into scriptures as they seek to be S.U.R.F. (Students Uncovering Real Faith).
This is a stop that must not be missed when we make a trip to Camerons. The girls love Uncle Raju's sweet delicious strawberries. Not just the fruit is sweet but so is Uncle Raju. He is always so welcoming and generous to the us.

Another beautiful stop - Robertson's Rose Garden. A small humble garden hidden along the way to the BOH Tea plantation. Our second time to the place but the friendly gardener could remember the girls well. She gave us an educational tour as we observed the nature's variety on a splendour display. They are not just beautiful but purposeful. Our hearts were awed at the Maker's wonderful creation and indeed He has given us natural products from soap, juice, herbs and medicine - all in the confines of the little garden. God always redeem what is lost so we can enjoy the abundance of life. We missed the harvesting of raspberries in Tasmania this year. When we visited the farm, we could only managed to taste the frozen ones but it was good enough for that moment. The girls loved it anyway. But here, right in our nation, we found raspberries hidden in the secluded garden. We were given a free treat by eating off from the plants - fresh! Look at Chrisa delighting in her pick.

Yummy...Chrisa enjoying her biggest strawberry from Uncle Raju.

And the men (Ed and Deswyn)...they too had their sweet moment.

edlina & the lynns
October was a very happening month! We were engaged in many exciting events. Two trips to Cameron Highlands and one to Sabah. In between the trips, we rejoiced in birthday celebrations and a wedding, hosting our Bangladeshi friends and kids preparing hard for their gymnastic grading test. Busy busy busy! But so much to thank God.

Moving fast through October....
edlina & the lynns
I enjoy making breakfast for mommy,
She said the food was very yummy.
That made my heart very happy,
So I made her some more coffee.

edlina & the lynns
Poh Sim had a week of celebrating her birthday. We were thinking where to take this dear friend out for dinner last evening...threw a few suggestions but as usual, being Penangites, food is a much delibrated thought. Then Ash and Nat protested strongly of eating out. "Let's just stay home and cook..." they suggested. "Ok.." No problem. We set out for grocery shopping and had our menu planned in just a few minutes.
Their self-initiated memory verse is from Colossians 3:23, "Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" has proven to be very effective in this area of serving. We were also studying on the lion and the beaver. So they are an interesting pair. Ash is the "lion" who loves being in charge and Nat, the "beaver" works hard. Mum became the kitchen helper who did odd jobs :) Chrisa, the "otter" never got tired running in and out the kitchen offering her help eagerly.

Ash prepared the mashed potato and Nat cooked her fave delicacy - chicken cheese delite; which came to be through her routine helping in the kitchen recently...she experimented one day seasoning the chicken with bbq sauce, lots of black pepper and paprika and adding on cheese...it turned out to be soooooo delicious that whenever she is to cook chicken, that will be her dish! With those, we had variety of fresh vegetables with balsamic dressing. Our usual popular style is buffet when we have guests. Simple. But these girls wanted to have a proper seated meal...picked up from their Aussie friends. Influenced by the Tasmanians...their much-loved Uncle Bob and Aunty Annette who treated us with authentic Aussie food - lots of spuds and desserts and completed with coffee/tea. Everything just the way they learnt except we served on japanese tables and seated on the floor so everyone fits in comfortably. East meets West.

Little Chrisa runs to and fro trying to help too. We, adults seated and waited to be served. This acts of service - a gift to Poh who turns a year wiser. As for mummy, didn't have any gift for the birthday girl...only the cost of my patience as kitchen helper. Water splashed everywhere when Chrisa peeled and washed the lettuce. Paprika bottle dropped while Nat was shaking it sending the herbs all over the floor. The over excitement of the kids was quite overwhelming for mum, the kitchen helper! But it's ok...all the mess was seasoned with love. I remembered Colossians 3:23 and I smiled to myself.
Thanks to Chrisa's angel from PJ, Choon Ean for the added laughter that night. We even had a list of words with "po" in it to describe the birthday girl. We started off with words like "po-ssibility, potential,...and ended up having a hilarious time with words like possum and hippopotamus. We had the grace to end the list with only the same number of words as her age.
Special note to Christina (if you are reading this), hmm...you need not have your own kids to enjoy the blessing. Blessings overflows to you...if you will only park Ziggy safely and come to town :)

Happy Birthday, Poh...God's blessings to you from edlina's nest!