Thought I wanted for a change to bake my own baby's birthday cake instead of grabbing one from the bakery which is stuffed with sugar!!! And they don't eat it anyway since I don't want my babies to have sweet tooth. The past three kids have nice purchased cakes. This time I wanted to be adventurous in the kitchen though baking is not particularly my cup of tea. My little helpers having picked up some good nutritional values, were always keeping watch for me in regards to their little brother's diet. So I can't "cheat" this time even if its his birthday cake. So I browsed through some baby cakes' recipes.

Result: I decided on a simple sugarless banana cake. Since I had spreadable ricotta cheese, I used that as my topping instead of whipping up my own frosting. That's easy. Chrisa sprinkled some choco & coloured rice to create the alphabet "A" for Ashton. Tadaa! We were so proud of ourselves.

For the first time, I had to apologize to the family for the healthy treat since I didn't think anyone expected a sugarless cake :) Guess it must be a good choice for the grannies too and caught those who have sweet tooth in surprise...haha...

The funny thing was the birthday boy never rejects any food I offered him...and for this, he just wouldn't open his mouth even to taste! After all the effort...

It was as though he just knew the trick when he was supposed to have a treat!!
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