Who says bible study is boring? We tried different methods as the children grow.
With time constraint now, we try to keep it simple. The girls always look forward to - digging into God's Word.

Here's one very special moment for Mum & Daughters as we squeezed time to worship, pray, eat and have fun in the presence of God...
Always be happy. Never stop praying. Give thanks whatever happens. This is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thes.5:16-18)

Reliving my childhood :)
The Queen of the Land of Joy had a royal banquet with the princesses of faraway land. Meet the princesses...

Princess Charlotte of Spain

Princess Nellie of Netherlands

Princess Aranea of Norway

Our royal food...
yummy Betty Crocker's mashed potato, Arthur's Organic Pasta & Cheese, Eggs with mixed veges...washed down with grape juice (or was it Ribena that we used? :)

Instead of Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary Murray (a book gift from Aunty Christina to Nat), we decided to adopt a similar idea but a grander we really dress up :)

Girls just wanna have fun - and we did! Wholesome fun in the Lord.

(Note of thanks to Christina for the book. Very simple but gives/sparks ideas and allow us to share our hearts. Also, for me to add in personal touch in writings for each of the girls. I know this is for Nat but she agreed to let us all discuss the book together. She's always so kind.)

In case you are looking for the Queen's pic...erm...she was also the camera woman :) but yes, she was grandiously dressed up too.

3 Responses
  1. Gillian Says:

    Oh lovely! Ashlynn has such a queenly bearing ... must be all the ballet training :>

  2. picric Says:

    oh wow! I never imagined the book's activities to turn out such a grand party! Haha... Great!

  3. selina Says:

    ya, i wanted to do this for some time already but time is so tight...then we were home a lot when ashton was ill, so decided to spice up our day! adopted some ideas from the book but we whipped up a grand dose of the party mood :) now the girls are begging for another we are thinking perhaps we will make it even grander by inviting more princesses and queens...interested?
    penny is in :)