I was so tired yesterday and Ashton clung on to me. I made many promises to my girls but was simply impossible to get pass the bed with Ashton. The craft work and reading which I was supposed to do with them...oh well, they did all by themselves.

I pulled myself out of bed feeling lethargic and thought, "Oh dear, I've got to get dinner going." To my surprise, I caught my girls in action - in the kitchen! They shooed me off and commanded me to stay off. Dinner would be served soon. They busied themselves as I sat in the living room waiting with my tummy growling in hunger. But it was a sweet feeling coming all over me. Instead of serving them, I would be served :)

There was a bit of squabbling in the kitchen but everything was in control. Soon they proudly set the table and served pasta, mushroom soup and vegetable salad; and apples glazed with honey. And noodles for me since we were short of pasta! Ashlynn exclaimed as we sat down, "Mum, we can survive without you" with a positive note in her voice as this means I can go off for a break and leave them home alone. She was reinforcing to me AGAIN..."not to worry!"

I looked at them and thought, "Wow, they are really growing up!"
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