edlina & the lynns
The floorballers were all geared up. After the many hours of intense training and selection...this was IT - Asia Pacific Floorball Championship in Singapore. The Penang team has risen to a certain level over the few years since its debut here. This year, many younger players were given the opportunity to prove their skill and sportsmanship as they were roped into the national team. Malaysia Boleh! And they did well as reported though Malaysia didn't get into the finals. They played well as a team and showed great improvement.

Edward, being the President of the Penang Floorball Association and State Coach has been diligently developing this new sport and players locally. He's passionate about it. His passion is contagiuos. Chrisa talks and "plays" floorball too. She even has her own stick, ball and t-shirt printed, "floorball". So she longed to be part of this floorball trip. How unfortunate this trip we were staying home and waited for daddy to come home...

But 10 days was long. The Lynns missed daddy. We thought how good it would be if we could plan a surprise trip to Singapore and cheer them. It was just a wishful thinking.

But he's back now! Chrisa awoke this morning to find dad sleeping next to her. She smiled widely and covered her mouth in surprise...and gave a slap on dad's bum to wake him up. That was not violence. It was Chrisa's cheeky way of welcoming him home :)
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