I saw. It flapped its wings. Flew low. I caught sight of its bright beautiful blue. And back to the power line, it perched and be still. My morning ritual of standing in front of my bedroom window was brightened up with the glow of a kingfisher. Simply beautiful sight. I had just prayed the day before that I wanted to marvel at the simplest finding. I want to learn like how little children learn. They just keep wondering and keep learning. They are thrilled by the simplest finding.

My conversation with the Lord was interrupted by the bird. It was as though God was saying, "Watch..." A peaceful quietness filled my heart that moment as I followed the moves of the bird. A little bird with a long beak, clothed with gorgeous blue and brown feathers. Simple tone but nevertheless, beautiful. Beauty in its simplicity.

I had been praying to be renewed like the eagle - strong and steady. Now I asked to be beautiful too. Lessons in birdwatching!

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