Every year on this day, brings me back to my humble beginning as a mum.

Cuddling this tiny 2.3 kg load offered a lifetime of responsibility. I remember beaming with such joy yet so overwhelmed by the tremendous task set ahead of me. The scene of me sitting at the bedside of the maternity home holding this precious life still stays fresh. It was my enrolment into the School of Motherhood - one specialized school so uniquely tailored for every student, offers no certification nor graduation, but guarantees a huge load of work which requires diligence, patience, consistency and love - yes, lots of love! Many hours of sleepless nights, days of toil...AND I gladly willingly stepped into this school. After thirteen years, The Principal Teacher gave me added assignments - he added three more tiny loads, all not more than 2.5 kg as a start but power-packed with promising potentials to be yielded for his glory.

Today I watched my first tiny 2.3kg load transformed into a much bigger size than me, could even lift me up in the air, adorned in her all new attire from top to toe (gifts blessed by wonderful people) got ready for the day. She kissed me and went off with a smile, all ready for the youth conference for the next 3 days.

She is thirteen today! She is clothed with strength and beauty. Her name is Ashlynn.
She is a terrific, tremendous teen. I am proud to call her 'my daughter'.


2 Responses
  1. Gillian Says:

    Today? Oh my... BLESSED BIRTHDAY ASHLYNN!!!! You are officially a teenager, and that is a wonderful age to be in! Have glorious joyous fun and grow in strength and beauty and resilience every day! You are awesomely and wonderfully made!

  2. p_ewe Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!! SO blessed to know you, what a joy it has been to see you grow up!