I sought every person I know who knows the subject.
I devoured every book my hand could lay on.
I was hungry. I was thirsty.
I wanted more. More of him. More of the truth.
There was a deep longing,
for the deep calls for the deep.
I gathered some tips and good guidance along the way..."What and how to pray?"
But is it enough? The spiritual intimacy I craved could only be satisfied by the Ultimate Teacher. The Holy Spirit whispered to me, one day, "I will teach you..."
Where have those years gone? Seems like a glimpse.
Now, I am hungry and thirsty more than ever...and am looking to the Ultimate Teacher for his nuggets of wisdom for, God,
you teach me wisdom in the inmost place. (Psalm 51:6, NIV)

Friends, who are you looking to for wisdom and teaching? Find your way to his heart and mind.

2 Responses
  1. Gillian Says:

    Yes, I agree :>. Ultimately, no matter how good the materials are out there, nothing is as wonderful as the Holy Spirit saying, "I will teach you...". Everything is so personalized by God just for you! <3