Rest comes in many forms. For a busy stay home mum surrounded by endless noises of children, a quiet personal space is a luxury. I cannot have all my ideals. But God knows and takes care of all our needs. I am counting my blessings for every small and big gift coming my way.

All the excitement of coming to Singapore - it's here! We are here - in the Lion City. I am so excited for Ash and Nat. Their very first RAD Ballet Summer Camp. Being in a foreign land and flapping their new wings - they took off this morning by themselves to the ballet studio for their third day of camp. All geared up for more dance work on Mary Poppins. Sounds so fun! Their legs are surely strengthened by all the dancing and walking around the city.

The past days had been full days exploring different parts of the city and familiarizing with the routes. Pretty much of an adventure! Indeed a very convenient city. Impressed with the efficiency despite many visits here. The call is deepened every time I think of my own nation. We are called to make a difference and be agent of change. No matter how comfortable and convenient another place is - my call is to be part of the wave of transformation back home.

Thank Lord for opening my eyes - the eyes of my heart to the smallest thing that speaks volume of our generation and nation. I am positioned strategically for such a time like this. Here I am resting in his love. Here I stand for his higher purpose...

3 Responses
  1. pen Says:

    They went to ballet studio by themselves? Ok, forgot they r in their teens! hehe....Miss you heaps! But am glad you all r enjoying urself! LOVE!

  2. i was so moved when i was listening to how God provided for your trip, not by how He provided because i knew He would, but by how He put His joy in you through the period of waiting for provision. I thougth of the smile on your face, so bright and confident, that i couldn't relate it to 'i'm-waiting-for-money-to-come-in-for-the-trip'. you looked as if everything was planned out.

    i thank God for the joy and confidence you had in Him.

    i look at you and i see God's faithfulness. thanks for allowing Him to use you.

  3. Kiki Says:

    Wow... i love everything about this blog from the layout, to the content, to your beutiful family. I am speechless