edlina & the lynns
How most adults underestimate the power of play. Every child needs to play. Play IS work to these tender hearts. Early childhood education emphazies play as a crucial part in the learning process. Our world is so caught up with academic achievement that so many kids are deprived of good creative play.

I love observing children playing. They tell you so much through their play. The past year end break gave great opportunites for my kids to have their friends for sleepover. As they engaged in their talking and playing, I sat quietly to listen and learn from them. It was an interesting lesson for me. The simplicity of children brings me the joy of daily learning.

Perhaps to the adults, they are merely playing. To them it is living. Learning life through the power of play. Chrisa wanted to set up her "cafe" today because she had her friends at home. I told her we would not play "cafe" today because time didn't permit. She was crossed and exclaimed, "I am not playing. I am really mending a food stall. It is real." Yes, indeed it is real - real food and beverages, real money and real ceramic kitchen ware (to any child it is a pride to be able to handle real stuff). I am caught guilty in my own thoughts for not being sensitive to a child's play. So I pacified her by rephrasing my words and not undermining her "work". Afterall, she is learning so much through her "cafe".

They ended up in the favourite kitchen corner. To any young girl who comes to our lil' nest, they never fail to be fascinated by the Lynns' kitchen corner - furnished with cookery ware and all sorts of knick-knacks from our nest. Anything from yogurt cups to spoilt microwave oven and a cardboard sink! These are real stuff and any kid will love it. The cardboard sink is almost as old as Ashlynn but still standing strong and serving the kids over the many years. The 2 hours of slogging to put the sink to reality was sure a worthwhile feat. It just cost a lil' creativity, some junks and a few ringgit as opposed to a thousand ringgit or more for a sophisticated toy sink from renowned toy shops. They served the same purpose - so that the child can play while working or is it work while playing? Anyway, for children... play = work.
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