edlina & the lynns
In our family, we try to make it a point to date our children individually, a practice we picked up from our spiritual mentors. Besides setting time aside to have our time together as husband and wife, we have to bear in mind our dates with our kids. That's quite a bit to keep up with though our individual dates with them are not weekly. We do it as regularly as possible. Through it we are creating memories. They look forward to each date eagerly. Their special time with Mum or Dad! Just one at a time. No sharing attention. All of Dad. All of Mum.

Today, Nat woke up early and got ready to go out breakfast with Dad - on the motorcycle. The last time they went off on the bike was up to Penang Hill; a ride that thrilled Nat and carved an adventurous memory in her. Today was simpler. Just to Grandpa's place to pick some plants for gardening. The rest of the date was gardening together (our garden needs a facelift) while her two other sisters did Art with Mum. What she did were simple things in life but above all else, she was so satisfied with the precious time with Dad. Now Ash and Chrisa are just awaiting for their turns this round to have Daddy by themselves.

A tremendous joy fills my heart as I watch my girls enjoying their Daddy, and how the man I courted and married are taking effort to make his princesses feel special. Just recently, his own sister commented how Ed has become so domestic now as she watched him do laundry for his pregnant wife :) You will never know what fatherhood can do even to the toughest man!

I am a daughter of the Heavenly Daddy. His love pursues me. Watching my own girls desiring so much to spend time with their dad, I can't help to think of my dates with my Heavenly Dad. How deep is my longing? Just like no one can take daddy's place in a lil' girl's heart, no one can fill the deep longing in the daughter of the Heavenly Father except He alone.
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