edlina & the lynns
Bob and Annette Sayer, Ed's prayer parents are lovely people. It was a meaningful reunion for Ed after 16 years. They live nearby GLO and often checking on us during our stay in Tassie. We've learnt love in action from these faithful servants of God. Bob is youthful and passionate for God and His Kingdom. He goes the extra mile(s) for others. The joy of the Lord overflows from this man. He blessed us in so many ways. Trully possess a heart of the father...and one evidence was he sent us off to the airport, which is 3 hours' journey. Six hours return trip...in the dark. Only a father would do that.

Annette celebrating her 60th birthday! A gentle and kind lady. She blessed us with her authentic Aussie meals. This was her advanced celebration with her family. On the actual day, she was sending us off to the airport.

Bob reading to Chrisa...with all kinds of sound effects.

Two cheeky but adorable bundles of joy -Chrisa with Finlee, one of Bob's grand-daughters.

Another great reunion with Ed's training supervisors, Robert and Fiona Key. The Keys also lived nearby GLO and it was a great moment sharing of good times in GLO. They had served with GLO faithfully for many years but now moved on to different ministry.

Beverly (and John - not in the pic) Moore are current house parents. In the short exchange of conversation over laundry, these seniors encouraged us to grow stronger in the Lord through their simple faith.

Afternoon tea-time with GLO staff and students. Walking down memory lane for Ed.

New friends, Pip and Maree Gale, Senior Pastors of Smithton Christian Fellowship. Also with us at dinner was their daughter, Nicola. Pip and Maree are both inspiring and encouraging to us in their heart for global impact for divine purposes.

Pip with his Youth Pastor, Daniel. Daniel and wife Haley are young ministers with a deep passion for youth. Their love for the young people and passion for mission can be felt even in our short encounter with them. We had the privilege to minister to their youth group in two occassions.

Jamie Leon Turner, 16 challenged by Ed's testimony on sports' ministry and the vision of floorball as a tool of outreach. He has a vision to become a professional basketball player, and his desire is to use it to influence other young people for the Lord.

At Hanlon House in Stanley with the Wells. Graham and Maxine Wells are parents of Wanita Wells, Ed's GLO course mate. They showed us warm hospitality. We met Graham at The Nut, a 13 million year-old volcanic core in Stanley when we toured the place with Bob as our tourist guide. Graham was been introduced to us by Bob and invited us to his Hanlon House. Thus, Ed was linked up with Wanita again.

In Hobart, we found ourselves nestled in Shaun's yuppie style flat for 3 nights. Here's a young man who is pursuing a medical degree in the University of Tasmania and earnestly seeking God's ways. This is an easy-going brother who allowed us to intrude his privacy of his dwelling place. We are so grateful for his hospitality.
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