A glimpse of our homefront for the new year...

It takes some constant reminders and adjustment to ease into our daily routine. Lessons are never confined on the desk and books as usual, but this is one usual morning scene for 4 days in the week. A big chunk of our days are spent doing a lot of other stuff...and figuring out life (and our surroundings) and living :) That's education.

Ashton insists on joining "school time". Climbed on by himself to grab mum's seat. Enjoying lessons in the presence of his sisters.

All the sisters are too eager to teach him.
Chrisa's daily routine includes giving reading lessons to the enthusiastic toddler.

Nat wants her share too. Ashton is like a sponge absorbing the math concepts while learning some eye-hand co-ordination through beading.

Ashlynn surely is another great teacher although no nice pics to post up at this point. What a blessed boy to be surrounded by loving teachers! The best education begins with love - love for the person, love to impart knowledge and love itself. That would mean it bounds back to God being Love.

4 Responses
  1. p_ewe Says:

    he definitely is like a spongey!

    and he is SO adorable. i miss all of them! =(

  2. Gillian Says:

    *giggle* Ashton really looks so eager and curious to learn. So cute!

  3. pen Says:


    Weii...the Ee Ee also has a part to play! :)

    He's so!!

  4. ok lah ee ee! you very kiasu ah?